Those wonderful folks over at Nashville Palace have announced yet another really good show called Next Generation Sons And Daughters Of Country Legends and this is the fifth year of this program.

The Nashville Palace has been partnering up with some great music institutions to bring some truly great music to the venue and some fantastic DJ’s to spin records between sets! You can mosey on over HERE to buy 20 dollar printable tickets to your emmail box or you can also will call them.

The Nashville Palace also has REAL GOOD food and a front bar with great daily acts, why I go there to see Sarah Gayle Meech, David Peterson and 2 Country 4 Nashville, Joshua Hedley and more! Man I could walk around and admire the walls adorned with history for HOURS, in fact my home is exactly the same decor.

OK So here is the lineup for that night’s event on Thursday June 9th 2016 in the back parlor, doors will open at 6 promptly and trust me I’m sure will come out with priceless stories of some of your favorite Legends as told by their children that evening. I read books about Country Music a LOT but I’ll be honest nothing enthuses me more than to listen to my buddy Mr. Donnie Winters tell stories about his father and Bobby Sykes and Marty Robbins. Another daughter I’m interested to see is Sharon Wilburn, I’m on a Wilburn Brothers kick lately I reckon Lynn Woodruff fueled it by her book. I been studying Margie Bowes and Teddy Wilburn a ton lately.

Robyn Young
Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
Chris Golden
Cherish Lee
Kathy Twitty
Karen Wheeler
George Hamilton V
Mark Cash
Steve Kilgore
Shelly West
Melissa Luman
Chrystie Wooley
Tom Bresh
Sharon Wilburn
Donnie Winters
Seidina Reed
… and other special guests!

Featuring the Loaded Dogs Band. Doors open at 6:00pm.

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