I was first exposed to Ghostwriter’s music in the 2008 film called The Folk Singer.  Admittedly, he was not a highlight of the film for me but what I heard stuck with me.  Ghostwriter is a one man band with a sound that falls into the lo-fi punk inspired blues category.  His sound features haunted growling vocals backed with a thick distorted guitar and foot stomp percussion.  It fits right in with Left Lane Cruiser or The GD Gallows or even The Legendary Shack Shakers.

Ghostwriter’s new record is titled String Noise and Dust.  While Ghostwriter isnt reinventing the wheel, there is some diversity on this album.  There are slower tracks which showcase great songwriting and some faster tracks that show off his punk rock influences and just might start a mosh pit.

The album opens up with a barn burner called “Storm Clouds”.  It sets the album off rocking with a song that kicks up a lot of noise and dust to prepare you for the storm to come.  “How Many Times” showcases Ghostwriter’s skill with the banjo and great songwriting.  Another favorite is “Stagnation Blues” which brings together the distorted blues guitar and banjo for an amazing album closer.

One man bands bring an interesting sound and Ghostwriter adds to the diversity of the OMBs in the underground roots scene.  He brings a sound that is heavy, bluesy and full of distorted guitars and guttural growls.  This album will sit well with any Ghostwriter fan, new or long time.  String Noise and Dust is available everywhere digitally and on CD and LP from End Of The West Records.

Ghostwriter – String Noise and Dust (2018)


  1. Storm Clouds

  2. Lost

  3. Divine

  4. Harness

  5. How Many Times

  6. Shoreline

  7. Honor The Dead

  8. Ohio

  9. Folks

  10. Stars

  11. Gdmt

  12. Stagnation Blues

Favorite Tracks : Ohio, Storm Clouds, How Many Times, Stagnation Blues

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