Well folks as I been promising I am finally getting to cover Mandy Mae Hallman who like me was raised in Wisconsin, only she is younger than me. When I moved down here she was a baby and sixteen years later I met someone who is walking in my shoes and I can relate to her. You know life down here in Nashville can be hard on the soul and I don’t want her to suffer like I did but then again it builds character and it makes a good song.

This gal makes a good song and I been enjoying her music for quite some time now. I want’…no I must bring you her music tonight. I have her other album she made with five original songs on it and I am here to get her new album called walls. This album was produced by Gary Sadker and was recorded at Cupit Music.

This gal was raised in my home state of Wisconsin and for those of you that know me personally I don’t talk about it much. I went through the same circumstances as she is now, when I moved here I knew nobody and I did know the southern culture and fit in quite well down here. I turned my life into this Country Music empire but it took years of hard work and a big boost from my heros. Now I have met all my heros, I been on every stage in town and pall bared for some of my greatest heros.

If Miss Mandy keep us her hard work and dedication to this craft she will go places and I’m quite confident she will turn her dreams into a living after she pays her dues. I kind of keep an eye on her and make sure nobody hurts her and make sure she doesn’t fall into any traps within the industry. She is becoming quite a polished performer and delivers her lyrics pretty well up there. She’s not nervous and her body motions are fluent with the mood of her songs.

Mandy Mae Hallman OK You can buy her music on here and check out her page on Reverbnation to buy her music.
I would HIGHLY SUGGEST buying her music on here and tell her I sent you. CD Baby also has her album, so there is your link folks.

She has great parents and a very supportive family and they come visit her frequently. She was raised right and when you meet her you’ll agree with me that she’s a truly gifted individual. I’d come down and see her anytime I could. So last night I went down to Belcourt Taps last night for her songwriter’s showcase with her friends Tara Tinsley and Joshua Hammons.

They swapped out songs together in a round form which is the most common way we do songwriter’s rounds here.
We usually sit in three and four spots and trade turns playing songs and the one on the left to the audience usually begins and that was Tara Tinsley. Her first song was ‘Go If You wanna Go” and honestly the room was not being considerate and quiet and I missed some of this song. But I thought her second song ‘3 Hour Drive” was her best of her entire set. It was well written and fit together good. Her third song about realtionships was called “Baby It’s Too Late” and it was another good song that I thought everybody could relate to. “Better Early Than Never” and “Never At All” were her closing songs.

Mandy was in the middle and the crowd loved her last night, she’s talented and just completely awesome.
Her first song I didnt catch the title of and I never heard her play it before. I’m pretty sure it was ‘Why Is Love Giving Up On Me” or it was “I’m Not Ready”..for the first round the bar was not being quiet for me to hear that well. Her second song was called “I’m Still In’ and that’s included in her new album and it ‘s a good song and she wrote it herself. I think she’s trying her own skills a little more and not relying on as many co writes as she explores new avenues. Her last three songs I recognized and love them, “Whiskey Goes With Lonely Too Well” is an upbeat good song. But “Katie” is her finest song she plays, your brain is a canvas and a song paints a picture on that canvas. That song creates a really nice picture in my mind. She closed her set with “Same Guy Different Levi’s” and that also is one of my favorite songs.

Joshua Hammond was the third person on the set and fit in well with the ladies. Now me personally I like all male or all female rounds more than mixed rounds. “Between A Rock And A Heartache” and it was his best song in my opinion of the night. “Dixie Is Her Name” and “Nothing’s For Sure” were his two middle songs I thought they were a little too commercial for my tastes, but that’s probably a good thing for him that they were. I think if he pitches his work to the right people he will get a cut on commercial mainstream music. His last song “Everclear” was really well written and I honestly liked that song as well, it had some creative¬† lines in the lyrics.

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