Tonight as I was listening to the live stream of the Grand Old Opry we were treated to Country Legend John Conlee performing a new song called “Walking Behind The Star”. Now, he has not announced a new album as far as I have heard but that doesn’t mean I just haven’t found out yet.

Tonight he celebrates his 35th year as an Opry member and he announced the new song. He has been performing it all over Texas on his tour dates and he has a show date close to me but I won’t be able to make the show because of other ventures.

This song was dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement and he does a lot of benefit work for Wounded Warrior projects. Since his first major hit in 1978 ‘Rose Colored Glasses” which also spawned his first two number one hits he has been performing effortlessly all over the country. However the only video that I could find was not very good quality.

I’m hoping like Jim Ed Brown and a few more other Country Legends he will be making more new songs and new albums so I can announce them. You must understand that this is a very crucial article because with the loss of Little Jimmy Dickens and George Hamilton we have very few Legends that we can admire. We NEED this new music from him and the others, and we NEED to continue to listen to the Opry and go there to support the ones we still have with us.

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