This event is already sold out before I could even get the article up fast enough for this venue. Many of you know about this underground heavyweight sensation that sells out shows all over the country. He’s been deemed many things and lately he’s been labeled “The Savior Of Country Music” by many. So is he? Well it’s a task that even he himself has denounced many times in public as he recently signed with Capitol Records and went mainstream.

I’m hoping he does what Eric Church is doing with the Drive By Truckers, I hope he begins to bring the underground music above ground to the masses. He may not be the lone savior of the current state of Country Music nut he is certainly in a good position to become a warrior for it.

You know Chris Miller from Blue Ribbon Radio said it best in a Facebook thread the other night “I just want people who make good music to be able to pay their bills and feed their families”. I agree with my friend on this, I am not so much concerned with what’s mainstream or underground but if artists who get major airplay and have major financial backing can get smaller artists to a larger audience I am all for it.

On Feb 28th and March 1st he brings his pure Country Music music to 3Rd And Lindsley in Nashville. He’s doing two shows that weekend and they are both sold out completely and did so fast. If you can find some of the third party ticket holders to sell you tickets I applaud your efforts and I’ll be catching him down the road soon.

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