Folks I got a pretty long list of bands and artists to check out, but I have been
so busy with festivals and covering other things I haven’t had much time
to dwell on them.
So right now while I have some downtime between covering festivals I would like
to write a few articles featuring their work.
These are NOT new bands just bands I have never featured on here before
and I’ll tell you how to support them.

Shot Time And Cigarettes is a southern rock band based out of Bowling Green Ky.
Their lead singer David Vaughn Lindsey is an avid supporter of my work
and I just wanted to extend the sentiments back to him.

They often play Spillway Bar And Grill and on September 20th they play Tidball’s.
They have an October 20th date at Spillway.
They are talking about shooting videos and recording more music.

They formed in 2012 and blend Southern Rock with a little New Age sound.
Their current lineup from their website is
David Vaughn Lindsey(Lead Vocals)
Paul Lowe(Lead Guitar-Backup vocals)
Ashley Smith(Drums)
Jonathan Newton(Bass)
J.T. Gregory(Rhythm Guitar -Backup Vocals)

They recently opened for Shooter Jennings and I plan to stop up there in Bowling Green
which is pretty close to me and catch their much acclaimed live show.
Which I’m doing right now at Spillway Bar and Grill in Bowling Green.

They opened their set with “Let Go Again” and one I’m familiar with
called “Burn It Down”.
They have really good harmonies together.

“Fool Like Me” was a really good song and they also did one for
veterans called “Fighting Man”.

BUT NOW they playing a song called “Mr. Jones” which was certainly
showcasing their Country influences off really well.
With southern rock guitar solos mixed in with it.
But the lyrics are really really well done on this song.

They played a song called ‘Heathern’ and they closed their set with
“Shotgun Fever”.
The song “Heathern” had a story to it that he explained on stage.
It was written for an old drunk man in the back of the bar and there was a
really good line in the song about some cigarettes in his pocket and on
his breath…really good song.

‘Shotgun Fever was a song about being in love with a dope man’s

I really enjoyed their set.
Now there will be an article following this one for the main act
of tonight.

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