Well folks I been busy lately preparing for outlaw Fest right here in my community in Kentucky.
I have several side articles going on and going up for this event, I also have
tons of things going at once.

I have so many “side articles” I lost count…ok I got three Hahaha.
All jokes aside I want to officially announce the release of
Country Legend Billie Gant’s “Vigilante Still At Large”.

Billie Gant has been a prominent fixture in the Ohio Country Music scene
for several decades and I know folks like Dallas Moore consider him
a role model.
I look forward to talking more with Mr. Billie next week..he always says
I work too much. He always looks over my shoulder and says “Gary’s always working”..

Heck…I am just beginning to work folks…you just wait!

I finally got to meet him last year at Altamont, when they brought him
out of the car. And ever since then he has always been very good to me.
He does shows with Whey Jennings Son of Terry Jennings and Country Music
Songwriting Legend Tom Ghent.
I’ll write about ALL these guys here again soon.

There are TWO MORE albums being released at this festival….YOU WILL SEE!

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