Folks I really should do MORE of these artist features because I so greatly enjoy
researching all these bands I discover.
Others turn the bands on to me as well, I literally get thousands of inbox messages
a week with new music…new to me.

Now as I previously stated these are NOT new bands they are just ones I have never featured on here
or just did not know about.
The Howling Brothersare a Nashville based three piece string band
They play old time blues and bluegrass and tonight they are playing the Exit In and sadly due to
health problems tonight I couldn’t go.

They have three full length albums out “Howl” “Trouble” and “The Sun Studio Session”
which is an EP.
They describe themselves as Appalachian punk rockers formed a jug band.
I’m going to post a few videos on here so you can check out their music as well.
I LOVE their harmonies and how they sing..I could listen to them ALL NIGHT!

You can damn sure bet that I’ll be covering one of their shows sometime in the near
future. I’m really sorry I missed it tonight.

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