Yeah I know…I know..I write a lot of articles for The Exit In but heck
I can’t help myself. They have such good shows and honestly it is one of my favorite venues
to see a show in Nashville.

Fresh off his release of his LIVE album AND an all acoustic album,
Whitey Morgan who like a small handful of others is burning up the highways playing a WHOPPING
amount of shows yearly.

His live shows are ALWAYS a good time full of whiskey soaked table thumping
Honky Tonk music, and his band the 78’s are no exception to the rule.
He’s one of my top acts I enjoy going out to support live.

On Saturday December 13th he stops in Nashville at the Exit In and I’m sure
this will be a GREAT NIGHT of music.
There will a small door cover and make sure you hit the merch booth when you go
he has a FULL LINE of great merch items for you.
So go out and support this great show in Nashville!

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