On March 27th the pre sale began for this album on CD and vinyl both, for the new LIVE Blackberry Smoke album that will drop in June 19th.  Blackberry Smoke lead singer Charlie Starr plays Duane Allman’s iconic Goldtop Les Paul guitar in the band’s new version of “Midnight Rider”, which you hear in their set often.

They have released that single on March 26th which is the same day as the formation of the Allman Brothers Band, and also the release of the initial song in 1971.  For many many years Mr. Charlie Starr (vocals, guitar), Mr. Richard Turner (bass, vocals), Mr. Brit Turner (drums), Mr. Paul Jackson (guitar, vocals), and Mr. Brandon Still (keyboards) have been beating the road HARD since 2004.

This band has always embellished Independent music and loudly loves their influences and heroes both in song and in person. In fact as I write this, they are currently in the studio working on their new album once again produced by Mr. Dave Cobb. This album will also feature guest vocals by Jamey Johnson and a few others.

This album was recorded LIVE from the iconic Capricorn Sound Studio in their hometown of Georgia, in Macon Georgia. That studio has always been regarded as the birthplace of Southern Rock having recorded some iconic albums from Allman Brothers Band, and Marshall Tucker Band.

The studio was bought in 1967 as a studio space for Mr. Otis Redding, and other artists that were on his label. The studio opened in 1969 after Redding died, and became a mecca for Southern Rock bands. On December 3rd 2019 the 20,000 square foot studio was re opened, and this is one of the first bands to record something there.

1. Midnight Rider

2. Take The Highway ft. Marcus Henderson

3. Keep On Smiling ft. Jimmy Hall and The Black Bettys

4. Grits Ain’t Groceries ft. The Black Bettys

5. Revival ft. The Black Bettys

6. Southern Child ft. The Black Bettys

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