Curve Music is excited to announce the signing of one of the best bands I was introduced to at the Ameripolitan Awards last year. The Western Swing Authority! As part of the deal, Curve Music will re-release the band’s catalog  worldwide and the band will shortly begin work on a new album.

Starting March 2nd, the bands catalogue, “BIGDEAL”, “ALL DOLLED UP”, “NOW PLAYING” and the bands self titled first release “THE WESTERN SWING AUTHORITY” will be available worldwide both digitally and physically through Curve Music.

The Western Swing Authority is Canada’s most recognized and awarded authentic Western Swing group. Made up of a collection of some of the country’s finest touring and studio musicians, they came together to play the timeless style of music they love. Seamlessly combining stellar musicianship and vocals with traditional country and jazz standards and their own “new vintage” originals, they have created a sound that is truly their own.

“As Curve Music enters its 18th year of operation, it’s extremely exciting to be able to work with WSA, who are all amazing folks and incredibly talented individuals in their own right” says Brian Hetherman, Curve Music President and owner.

WSA have been recognized with awards and nominations in both Canada and the United States and are reintroducing the Western Swing sound to an entire new generation of music lovers with every performance.

“We are thrilled about this partnership with Curve Music. It’s so exciting to team up with people who believe in the kind of music we want to play and create.” says Shane Guse, the band’s founding member.

“We look forward to the opportunity to bring our unique brand of Western Swing to new audiences all over the world, both digitally and onstage. And Curve Music? Now that’s a name I can get really get behind…” says Stacey Lee Guse, lead singer of the band.

So after this press release, I wanted to share a past article from the Ameripolitan Awards from 2019 where I encountered this large ensemble of a band. I thoroughly enjoyed their set this weekend, and quickly bought a bunch of albums of theirs.

The Western Swing Authority was an absolute THRILL to get to see, and I got some good shots of them. Dad’s Place was a GREAT venue, and in just a few minutes I shall be heading over there for the Kim Lenz album release party. They played some truly great cover songs of classic Western Swing, like “Roly Poly” that got people up swing dancing all over.

“Mississippi” was another great song, that glorified this city that we are in right now, Memphis. I did spend some time downtown on Beale street, I’ll talk about that soon here. “Dance With Who Brung Ya” made popular by Asleep At The Wheel. That band is one of my favorite one, and these Western Swing bands are some fun times. “In The Middle Of The Song” was another great selection off their Big Deal album. Very smooth and Bluesy melody that sets the mood for slow dancing.

Mr. Shane Guse, Miss Stacey Lee Guse, Mr. Paul “Chappy” Chapman, Mr. Ed Ringwald aka Pee Wee Charles, Mr. Matthew Lima, “The lovely and talented” Dan Howlett and Mr. Jim Boudreau comprise this large ensemble of swing greatness!

“Swinging From The Rafters” was the last song I got from them, I tell you what, I truly enjoy watching people swing dancing to this kind of stuff here. This song mentions illegal substances and other things, complete with horns and all the like.

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