From day one they have initially been the source of the for the HOME of THE Bluegrass Hall Of Fame, so it’s about time that their name reflects that aspect of the institution. This museum also proudly hosts the annual ROMP Festival in Owensboro and does many great things for their community on a grand scale.

In 1991 this is what their core statement was “The International Bluegrass Music Museum is the world center for the presentation of the history, culture, and future of bluegrass music. We develop and maintain an environment in which people of all ages can discover the richness of bluegrass music through an exciting and educational experience.”

Fast forward to 2018 the museum will re launch calling itself ‘The Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame And Museum”. On the weekend of October 18-20th 2018, the institution will do just that…re open with  a new name and attitude, same mission.

Executive Director Chris Joslin stated, “We have been the home of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame since day one, so it’s time our name reflects that. Much like the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, we are the worldwide destination for our genre, bluegrass music.”

Joslin added, “It’s more than a name change. This new branding sets the stage for the October grand opening of our new facility.”

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