Did I mention this event tomorrow night at 6PM at Grimey’s is FREE? Folks until the place fills up to capacity you can see Cody Jinks perform his new album “I’m Not The Devil” AND have the first opportunity to buy it on vinyl.

This powerhouse former metal performer has been blazing trails as of late with Whitey Morgan and has released some mainstay albums that MUST MUST MUST have a place within ANY collection if you are into Honky Tonk Country Music. I have been to his show many times and each time I go away completely blown away by his precise attention to detail in his lyrics and his stage presence.

You keep asking me “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”, well this man and his band The Tone Deaf Hippies HAVE BEEN filling shoes for several years now the mainstream media just doesn’t want you to know about him. They want you to know about the girly jeans and “Who’s gonna fill their flip flops”.

Mr. Cody is a powerhouse on Sirus XM Radio and many Outlaw Country channels and podcasts all over the United States. Did I mention this show is free? HOW can you pass up Cody Jinks for FREE? Well you could be like me and have to work second shift. Mr. Cody is rapidly gaining popularity among Roots Music festivals and Americana groups as well, and I’m quite convinced he is indeed a mainstay within the halls of local music.

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