Riddle Jones

I learned early this morning on social media that Country Legend George Riddle
mostly famous for providing George Jones with high notes on his early hit
songs died last night from complications of throat cancer surgery in May.

George Riddle gave Country Music so much and took very little in return
and I would like to write a small piece to love him and remember how
integral he was to our precious genre.
I promise you many other websites and sources of Country Music news
wouldn’t know whom he was..or how kind he was.
I knew about him because of my love for the Starday recordings
and George Riddle was a part of them.

He was born September 1st 1935 in Marion Indiana and in 1960
after serving our country he became the very first Jones Boy
in history which backed a young and wild frontman named George Jones.
Along with  many more that were Jones Boys they blazed a trail through
America’s Honky Tonks for years.

He also provided Starday Label and MGM, Bryte and United Artists with
countless recordings and singles.
His biggest hit was “It’s All Over Now”.
His songs were recorded by Faron Young, Melba Montgomery, Jones himself
Del reeves, and Ray Charles.

He is also credited for helping Del Reeves invent his signature
‘Doodle-do-do-do” which he always used in his cuts.

He played on the Opry stage on and off for over 40
years for many many acts.
And he performed on Carnegie Hall, The Hollywood Bowl,
The Nashville Network, The Johnny Cash Show, Country
Music On Broadway, Cobo Hall, The Palomino Club and more.

He was a radio disc jockey and had a 55 minute show on WBAT
that featured country music.
He also contributed to WLBC Hoosierland Barn Dance.
He was a Country Music DJ Legend and in 2011 the folks
at R.O.P.E. presented him with an award for his achievements.
And in 2012 he got the songwriter award and Lifetime Achievement

He certainly was a treasure and did a whole lot to preserve
traditonal country music and it’s roots and did all he
could to proliferate it.

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