Well folks right now I’m on a little personal time away from things
but tonight I found out some REALLY EXCITING NEWS from my friends at
Outlaw Fest 2014.

I got TONS of updates for you in the near future and THIS ONE I just
couldn’t neglect before others got to report on it.

It seems that Mr. Terry Jennings Waylon’s oldest son will be there
and has chosen this event to present for THE FIRST TIME ON ANY STAGE
“Between Fathers And Sons”.

This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear LOTS of REAL
stories about one of Outlaw Country Music’s finest Heros from a
actual eyewitness and participant of Waylon Jennings life
as he remembers it.

Never Before On ANY Stage…Anywhere…Until Now!!!

Some things in life can’t be debated. Some things are set in stone and,
no matter how much time passes, will remain etched in history.
Who is the original “Outlaw” is one of the topics that isn’t open for discussion.
The person most known for marching to his own beat, doing things his way and raising
the bar for all that follow in his footsteps was, of course, Waylon Jennings.

Waylon proved to everyone, you can be a huge success by staying true to yourself, doing
what you believe in and doing it your own way. While Waylon left us way too soon, he left
enough stories to fill a library…stories that have never been in any book. Outlaw Fest 2014
will make history Sunday, October 12th at 11 AM as we share a lot of never before heard
Waylon Jennings stories.

The ONLY man to experience ALL the ups and downs in the life and career of Waylon Jennings,
the man we are honored to have on the Outlaw Fest stage is none other than Waylon’s oldest son,
Terry Jennings!

Ever the storyteller, Terry will take the audience into the life of Waylon, the life so few know about.
Having Terry with us will be like going into Waylon’s living room. Terry will grab your attention
the moment he walks on stage to share his stories as well as take questions from the audience.
Outlaw Fest 2014 is the venue Terry has chosen to present, for the very first time
, “Between Father’s & Sons…My Life With The Original Outlaw”.

To be honest I’m very knowledgeable about Country Music history PRE Outlaw Era..
so honestly this will indeed be a REALLY good opportunity for me to
get closer to Waylon’s sense of humor and how he was as a person
BEYOND the stage.

Folks there’s DEFINATLY MORE TO COME on this festival from
my website!

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