Well folks Jason Galaz has been talking about it and promoting this documentary
for some time now. It follows and features the growing subculture scene of
an underground movement of various types of music the venues that they play at
and one of the rapidly growing festivals that breed it The Muddy Roots Music Festival.

I learned about it all during the “Myspace Era” and some say it was brought out by
Wayne Hancock, Hank 3, or Split Lip Rayfield.
Hell, everybody has their OWN opinion and answer for who really
forefathered it.
I don’t have an answer for you I ONLY HAVE coverage of most of the artists
involved. Now I have said this before and I say it once again..
I AM a member of NO scene nor do I align myself with ANY group but the
Muddy Roots people are good to me, and some of them are my best friends.
There isn’t too many of them I have ever had bad vibes with.

And on July 31st this movie will be featured at the Belcourt Theater.
You can get your tickets by clicking the above link.
The U.S. premier of the film HARD SOIL – The Muddy Roots of American Music will
be at the Belcourt Theatre July 31 from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. Tickets go one sale friday
Hard Soil was filmed at Muddy Roots Music Festival in Tennessee and Muddy Roots Europe
in Belgium by SLOWBOAT FILMS – Maverick Cinema.

ard Soil traces the history and evolution of American Roots music and examines its social
and cultural relevance in the 21st century.
Nowhere is America’s cultural evolution and diversity as palpable as in the music of the people – folk music or alternately roots music, a collective term encompassing a variety of musical styles from
Bluegrass, to Blues and from Country to Gospel.
Today a wild and vibrant subculture of musicians has begun to infuse these musical styles
with the sounds of the 21st century keeping the evolution of American Roots music an ongoing
one and one that is not only heard in the land of Lincoln but across the globe. To many it has
not only become the soundtrack to their lives – it has become a way of life.

I myself think the main reason I admire the festival so much is because these
people are like me…they are deeply passionate about tradition and history.
Folks, these people admire and uphold those that built the foundations of
all the styles of music.
I have seen these people love on Little Jimmy Dickens, Black Flag, Dr.
Ralph Stanly, Red Simpson and the list could go on and on.

I also admire Mr. Jason a lot, he certainly does not run things from
a couch. He’s OUT THERE in the middle of it all busting his ass for
a dream.
He is a prime example of American pursuit of an empire much like I
consider doing. Good fortune comes with hard work and I do not care who

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