Is it my personal Christmas and New Years break now? Yes. Each year I get almost two weeks off my factory job, and I get to catch up on paperwork and other things. Like all of my year end closure articles on my website. My contributors also put in their top choices besides what I publish. I believe you can click right HERE to see Mr. Joshua Wallace’s choices.

WE ALL have so many albums we did and didn’t care for, and that’s what makes this music game so fun. We don’t necessarily conform to the mainstream type of music, but I’m going to be completely honest…some of my choices will be a little mainstream to a small extent. I don’t totally HATE ALL mainstream music, hell I think Stapleton sings some truly pretty music right now..and I’m glad the normies are digging what he does.

I labor very hard and dig VERY deep into the realms of unknown local music for you. I am not a very indolent person in ANY way. In fact, there are only a few websites that dig as extensively as I do, and even though one of them is a  despicable person full of hubris, he writes some darn fine articles.

One thing you are about to find with me is that my selections for my top albums are all over the genre grid. It’s not just a closed minded box selection from a few musical outlets, and I realize that’s why many people really don’t like what I do….but it’s not meant to please them, it’s meant to please YOU, MY DEAR READERS.

Miss Tanya Tucker was already awarded my 2019 Album Of The Year. Without a shadow of a doubt her and the crew that was assembled to record that album was remarkable. The songs were all amazing and by all means I am quite adamant on my decision. I’m not going to elaborate as much on that album here, you can click on the link up there and read about my number one album.

Noe 2

2.Ian Noe was my number 2 pick HANDS DOWN, and in the last few months leading up to now, he has vastly surpassed his smaller venue echelon and moved up into bigger local venues like the DYNAMITE show he performed at The Exit In with Mr. Jeremy Ivey.

He has developed a gritty snarl on his face while he delivers his dark and poignant lyrics from this album unto audiences all over the country. The lyrics are what sets this album apart from everyone else with songs like “Irene (Ravin’ Bomb) about a totally dysfunctional family  member whom shows up for the holidays wasted.

“Meth Head” is perhaps one of the most well written and descriptive songs I have EVER heard since Hard Times Are Relevant by Mr. Jason Boland last year. But even if you omit those two songs you STILL HAVE songs like “Letter To Madeline” about a surrounded desperate man that robbed a bank, in order to provide a better life for his wife.

3. The late Mr. Tilford Sellers was my number 3 pick, and after you listen to this album a few times and give it a GOOD CLOSE spin, I bet you will agree with me. When I first met him at Muddy Roots many years ago, he and I formed an ardent support system for each other’s work.

This album was totally finished on the fly by his band, because he was killed in a car crash directly after he finished recording the vocals for this project. He was struck and killed by an under the influence driver, and while his beloved family is pursuing justice for him…it is my onus to rally YOU his MUSIC FAMILY to make sure he lives on with my website. I will never be silenced over his behalf….he would have helped do it for me.

“Tanker Full Of Tears” is just an old fashioned truck driving song as well as the next song “Home Away from Broken Home” which is just a flat out two stepping piece of Honky Tonk Heaven. This whole entire album is just plain out simple hardcore country bliss. Just crack open a couple beers and put on “She’s Coming Home” and absorb that bass thump and dobro twang that today’s country music lacks, and sadly it took such a tragedy to bring this album out…but it makes it even MORE special. HERE is where you can read about the release party they had for him. I miss you my friend, and I’ll always love you and carry on my vision that you so vehemently agreed with.

4. I’m completely sure that EVERY website that features music like this one is going to have Tyler Childers high up on their lists. This was my number 4 pick, but it doesn’t make it any less special by any means. I wouldn’t blame anybody for making this album a number one choice, but mine was more special to my heart.

This album along with the 2 Cody Jinks albums is under CONSTANT scrutiny by “fans” in all of those Facebook groups that are whining about them being overproduced. Now if you feel that way and keep it private THAT’S FINE, I wouldn’t hold it against you ONE BIT. But don’t get on social media and act a fool please. DEBATE your opinion like an adult, and that’s COOL. THIS ALBUM DOES sound more produced than his old old stuff, but I feel that only OG’s like Mr. JJ Waters can judge and compare his OLD stuff..none of us were there when he was singing at laundromats.

At 2018 Kickin It On The Creek Mr. Tyler played “Bus Route” and “Gemini” and introduced them both as new, and included their back stories from them. So I kind of knew some of what to expect on some of the angles, but his vocals on the song “Creeker” rings with a lonesome twang across my living room when I spin this on vinyl. I actually don’t believe there is one song on this entire album I didn’t care for.

5. I’ll be honest the only solo work I like from The Highwomen is Miss Natalie Hemby, and Miss Brandi Carlile. Natalie Hemby is a VASTLY OVERLOOKED songwriter in her own right, and it’s SAD that so many have NO IDEA what she all wrote. I cannot stand Miss Maren Morris music solo BUT when you juxtapose them ALL FOUR together you get powerhouse songs like “Loose Change”, which was one of the most well written songs I have EVER heard.

I’ll admit I thought that the initial concept of making a female version of the highwaymen was stupid at first. But after I sat back and REALLY LISTENED to their passion in the words, I heard love and reverence for the original. BUT the harmonies on the next song “Redesigning Women” was smooth and gave me goosebumps. I had NO IDEA they would sound that good together, and if it sounds that good live then TAKE MY MONEY!

“If She Ever Leaves Me” was an interesting subject for me, I don’t think I ever heard a country song like that from a lesbian’s point of view toward a man. It was different and you can agree or disagree with it, in today’s times it was quite relevant. Even a guy that doesn’t agree with it can understand it and relate to it. As for ME it’s not that I don’t agree with it, I pretty much support everybody’s way THEY want to live, so I could see it happening to me.

But I’m going to say these last two things the vocals on the song “Crowded Table” are amazing and beautiful, and that is another well written song along with “Heaven Is A Honky Tonk”. There were so many terrific songs put out this year, so many GOOD COUNTRY songs and this one was one of the TOP 5 songs. “Jesus Loves His Sinners And Heaven Is A Honky Tonk”.

6. and 7. Cody Jinks put out TWO albums this year, and without ANY mainstream help from anybody BOTH ALBUMS went to number one on the Billboard charts. He pulled what I call “The Metallica Move” in the 80s where they assaulted the charts with NO help from anybody. Mr. Cody Jinks is 100 percent DIY, and flaunts it in an ardent manner.

He collaborated with MANY co writers on this album like another man I enjoy Mr. Casper McWade, and Mr. Joshua Morningstar. BOTH ALBUMS contained some really good songs on them, and once again we are going to hear the “Overproduced” line from many people. But growth is what he is experiencing, and putting out music that is just as good as he did 10 years ago is what I’m seeing.

“Where Even Angels Fear To Fly” has some great twang that I enjoyed, along with the song “The Raven And The Dove”. The Wanting album really showed me the passion Mr. Cody Jinks has inside him for the success he and the Tone Deaf Hippies have achieved in the last 5 years. I personally watched him and his band grow so vastly since he first began, and he is a PRIME example that hard work and determination CAN get you onto bigger stages.

8. Jason James I don’t think he could put out a BAD album EVER! This young man we need around for many MANY more years, and he needs to become an Opry member as well as tour more nationally, and I hope my website helps him get there. I just absolutely LOVE his simple Honky Tonk music, and his own vocal whine, his opening song “Seems Like Tears Ago” has a George Jones whine that only Mr. Jason has developed into HIS OWN sound.

His band is ON POINT on this entire album, in fact it’s so remarkable that the only negative thing I can say about this album is the length. I mean an album THIS GOOD should have 30 songs on it,  just shut up and TAKE MY MONEY MR. JASON!  He represents pride and dignity for REAL Country Music with his suit and tie demeanor, and his precise note for note vocal deliveries.

As this album moves onto “I Miss You After All” and on to others you’ll find that all of these songs compliment one another with elegant but dark Country Music style. I don’t think he will ever be able to beat the song “Hot Mouth Momma” but the song “Move A Little Closer” moves a little closer to him beating it.

This man is one of my personal favorite Honky Tonkers, and the only thing that makes people like Childers shine brighter is the depth of the lyrics. Mr. Jason’s songs are more simple and easier to dissect and understand, it’s just plain out simple beer drinking COUNTRY. “We’re Gonna Honky Tonk Tonight” is just directly easy to “Get it”. If you like music that should have been recorded in 1975 then HE IS your man.

9. Sarah Lee Langford was one I found late in the game, and to be honest I stumbled onto her in one of my famous rabbit hole leaps, and this album is one of the ones that I cannot really clarify into any genre box. I can see how this will get lumped into that “Americana” thing, and this being her debut album I’m hoping she will become more noticed by underground media.

The title track here “Two Hearted Rounder” was well written and brought me to understand that she has gone through a breakup, and goes into her own self empowerment anthem in a song called “Big Woman”.  A lot of us use music as a coping mechanism, and it’s evident she has used this album to bring out her own story.

“Keep Your Diamonds” as well as “Bar Stool” were both great songs with a unique sound all her own, and that’s what attracted me to this album. Another thing that attracted me to this album was all of the shuffle songs embodied with the steel guitar wizardry, all from the local area of Birmingham Alabama.

10. Billy Strings is one of the younger Bluegrass prodigies that is often made fun of by Bluegrass purists. He is subjected to a LOT of scrutiny and rejection form hardcore Bluegrassers in the world. And while I appreciate the Legends of Bluegrass, and their sound I also love the young people bring new direction into the genre.

He is an AMAZING guitar picker and his band is TOP NOTCH, and when he takes the stage for any show, his music lights the place up with a exciting energy that I cannot write on here. The self titled song ‘Home” vastly takes young William AWAY from his Michigan home to a whopping 275 dates a year. Clearly he IS a staple for the title spot on many festivals and events.

He often says : “I mean, there’s people out there that think what I do is absolutely insane or the opposite of bluegrass. And they’re not necessarily wrong, we do a lot of psychedelic, crazy stuff,” Strings admits. “But if you come and talk to me or sit down and pick with me, you won’t find somebody who’s more into the history of bluegrass or the fathers of bluegrass.” Which was printed on Rolling Stone.

His strong ability to deviate from strict Bluegrass and morph into the psychedelically sounding stuff he unleashes upon the crowd. “Long Forgotten Dream” is one of the finest songs on the album, but songs like “Away From The Mire” at a whopping 8 minutes takes the album and the music to a whole new echelon.

11. Mr. Cody Johnson is one of those acts associated with the Red Dirt movement in Texas and Oklahoma, both regions having a little different sound to the same rooted genre.  This was his seventh offering here from a major label, and even though it was on a major label, it received NO attention from mainstream radio. IT DID however reach number one on the Billboard charts in early 2019.

This was one of the first albums I paid attention to in 2019, and this one was his first album that was on a major label. It showed with the overall production of the album, but the songs were just as good as they always were. With the song called “Y’all People” dedicated to his former label of Cojo Records.

This is a whopping 15 song piece of Honky Tonk greatness with songs like “Honky Tonk Mood”, and others like “Where Cowboys Are King” , but this album comes with two bonus tracks one being a song called “His Name Is Jesus”. That song right there is one of the finest pieces of work, that I have heard all year, and if I had to pick my TOP 3 it and the Highwomen song called “Loose Change” would be two of them.

“Monday Morning Merle” is another song that brings this album up the ranks of Country music greatness, and perhaps one of the finest Texas country albums that has become available in the last year.

12. Jason Hawk Harris is one of the albums I found out about this spring at Americanafest and also from my right arm man Mr. Joshua Wallace. He was brought out by Bloodshot Records, whom discovered him in Kansas City and even though he had more classical music training, the Country in him came out.

It starts out with a damn fine song called “The Smoke And The Stars” which prepares the listeners for a rambunctious roller coaster ride. His live show was FABULOUS and his guitar abilities far exceeded my expectations as a fan. “Cussing At The Light” is a wanting song…wanting the drinking to medicate a broken heart, like most of the Country on here.

Many of the songs on this album were very likeable and created a really good album to add to this list of goodies here. I look forward to building an even better relationship with his band, and his second album. One of the best tracks on this album was “Red Room Blues”. And while he battles his own demons I’ll be busy enjoying this album and awaiting another great offering.

13. The Dead South is one of the bands that is on the rise BIG TIME, along with Ian Noe. Those two bands are essentially on the rise to bigger and better venues, and will soon be even more well sought after in the months to come. This album is a whopping 40 minutes long, and you will learn about the story of the “Snake Man” and the “Fat Little Killer Boy”.

This Canadian outfit truly knows how to blow your brains away with folk thumping songs like “Black Lung” with their own brand of haunting vocals and raw spiritual energy. ‘Blue Trash” is a banjo filled tune that spirals into fast paced rolls and then breaks down into a slow easy tempo.

Another top song of the year was a surprise to me called “Heaven In A Wheelbarrow”, overall that song was just an absolute JAM, and no matter if they are playing a smaller venue or a bigger one, you’re in for a really good show with The Dead South. However the best song on this album by far was “Alabama People” , even though it was one of the shortest songs on the album.

14. Ben Jarrell Well , I finally get to my good buddy Mr. Ben Jarrell, who released this album on an almost total DIY budget on Muddy Roots Records. HE MADE the entire front cover of the album with small models and self built props. I loved the beginning of this album that gave props to truck drivers, with the song called “Gearjammer Blues” . As a loading dock employee, I truly loved this album immediately.

I know Mr. Ben on a very personal level, and the song “Daddy’s Prison Radio” really hits home if you know him. He had really hit the nail on the head writing a song about his father finally hearing his music on a prison radio. He has had quite a few of the album’s name “Troubled Times”.

Another great song on this album was the song called “Big Iron Train” , and I got to see him perform this year many times at festivals and shows at the Palace, and he has also done some things for me on a personal level that I wanted to THANK him for doing for me. You’ll never meet a finer man than Mr. Ben.

15. The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam in my opinion is a mega powerhouse band from Europe. Primarily I encountered them mostly through Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie. They obviously don’t get to come to America to play very often, so when I get the opportunity to see them I jump on it.

This band plays those classic Honky Tonk 4/4 shuffle, complete with those wonderful steel guitar  solos and intros that resemble the old Bakersfield Sound. I absolutely adore this band, and I’m infatuated with the way they dress and the way they deliver their vocals. This is 14 songs of true Honky Tonk greatness.

“Losing A Girl You Never Had” was one of the pinnacles of this album, about a man whom is lamenting over loosing a woman he had that mentally never loved him at all. Much like Mr. Jason James, this pick is another plain out simple Honky Tonk band with easy to understand songs like “Cry Baby” and ” I Drink Because I Care”.

16. Chuck Hawthorne was one of the ones I had heard of, but I received this album in the mail under a publicity company submission. I hundreds of albums weekly, and I listen to ALL of them. Sometimes when I don’t get around to a full out review, I pick a few GREAT ones for this list…which brings me to this man.

At first glance it was a significant album cover, you can look at him and just tell right away he has some road scars and some poignant tales to tell, and he finally grabs your attention on “Amarillo Wind”. The melody alone is one to behold, but this is truly one of the most well written songs of the last decade.

I suppose it’s mainly because I long so deeply for those missing folk type songs, like his mentor Mr. Michael Martin Murphy sings. You just don’t hear songs like “Broken Wire” anymore, hell not even in the local clubs of Nashville do you hear this stuff anymore. I LOOK FOR the stuff can WOW ME from just an acoustic guitar on a bar stool played in minor chords sometimes, and this man delivers….big time!

17. Mr. Eric Bolander Know what? This one is a re issue but who gives a damn, if you try to digress and tell me it’s NOT a damn fine album you are sadly mistaken. He works his butt off to promote his music, and this past year at Master Musician’s Festival I got an intimate angle on his music with songs like “The Wind”.

This whole entire album just brought me closer to Mr. Eric as a person more so than an artist, you know? Kind of like he was saying HERE GARY HOLD MY BEER, and threw up his emotions all over my living room, so I could digest them in my own personal way. His cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain” is in my opinion better than Mr. Dwight Yoakam’s or anyone else for that matter, just MY opinion, but he square assed nails it.

He sings songs about his daughter,  and his trials and high points of being a father, he sings of peril and drug abuse from his Appalachian upbringing, and he sings of the beauty of his kinfolk..all in the span of a 40 minute record. I applaud you Mr. Eric for this fine piece of work, and I hope you record many many more.

18. Mr. George Strait now, let me tell you THIS disclaimer. On this list number 2 means NO more or less better than number 18, and I am pretty positive nobody on this list will argue with spot placement. I am just presenting 50 of what I THOUGHT were the better albums of the year.

Now, TRUE for a few albums this man remained a little stagnant, and relied heavily upon his past hits to tour and fill arenas. His NEW music was just “THERE” and not really of the same amazing GEORGE STRAIT  caliber we are all so passionately in love with. HE IS a living Legend, and nobody will ever take that from him, but for many years his songs were not that echelon that you expect from him….this album was.

Aptly named Honky Tonk Time Machine, that’s exactly what this one was a  total time machine spiral into the days of old when he was the absolute KING of Country Music. “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” was just simply pure Country Music beauty in it’s stripped down raw form, and it took me back to the 80’s.  As did the song “God And Country Music”, I hate to go all Ricky Skaggs on you, but I’m a proud Christian man and I do ALL THINGS to HIS glory. I was enamored to hear a song like this on his album, and I applaud it 100 percent.

“Blue Water” is just an all out party song, that rocked the Georgiadome this past spring, I had a BLAST at his show, while he also gives a nod to police officers and fire fighters on the song “The Weight Of The Badge”. All in all this whole entire album was top notch in it’s own right, and if you buy any on this entire list I would suggest this one as one of the first ones.

19. The Old Crow Medicine Show is one of those modern day versions of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and I say that for two reasons. ONE is the more pertinent reason, and that is the fact these boys play more instruments in one show than many bands do in a week! It’s like Prince times 7 or 8 or how many show up that night. The second reason I say that is because of all the past members and their own success, and even though they lost members the current ones STILL jam just as good.

I’ll be honest, I JUST CAME from their 2020 show at the Ryman, so we’ll count this one as NOT cheating. This album only catches a little of what transpires there, because tonight they played about 19 songs total. This album here begins with “Tell It To Me” and spans all the way to “Wagon Wheel”. NOW ANYBODY that wants to BITCH can just keep it to yourselves because Mr. Ketch plays Mr. ROY ACUFF’S FIDDLE at the Ryman to play that song.

This band holds true the heart and soul of Country Music, and represents a modern, young version of respect for Country Music and takes the stage with more dignity than 10 of your FM radio popper people. Cover songs….yes you will get covers on ANY of their sets, with added flair and intensity. On this album you’ll get “Sixteen Tons” written by Mr. Merle Travis, and others.  One of the most beautiful bands on the planet…no matter WHO is currently a member.

20. The Steel Woods delivered one of the most powerful lines of 2019, “Here’s to miss liberty and the crack in her bell, there’s a tear in her eye but her arm hasn’t fell”. Also the overall length of this album made it a worthy addition to any list. This is one of those albums that makes number 20 and number 2 no different on who was better, THEY ALL made 2019 worth living.

“Rock That Says My Name” was an awesome song about a graveyard caretaker, and even though their albums often contain cover songs, their unique way of delivering the message of the song makes that cover all the more special to me as a listener.

Most of these songs I have had the opportunity to hear live in concert at one point or another in the past year, this band being one of the ones I go to see play often. I’ll bet in 2019 alone I went to see them 10 or 15 times. Even though they recently had a lineup change in their drummer, they still remain a relevant fixture in the budding local music community. I have a feeling this band WILL BE one of the forefront bands for years to come.

21. Mr. Dallas Moore is one of the hardest working bands out there, and there are some months that he spends the entire time on the road. I’ve known Mr. Dallas for many many years now, having met for the first time in 2013. Upon meeting him and finding out about his music, he had already been playing for many years.

In that time I have known him, he has released quite a few albums that have mostly all hit my TOP lists. One of the reasons why is because Mr. Dallas is one of those no frills Country music Honky Tonkers, that writes and plays simple Country Music songs like “Mama And Daddy” however on the same note his albums usually contain a few covers.

You have songs on there like “Della And The Dealer” originally performed by the late Mr. Hoyt Axton, and there are also covers like “Lovin’ On back Streets” by Mr. Mel Street. When you finally do get the chance to go to a Dallas Moore show, you will get to witness REAL Country Music, and true love for the genre. His precise musicianship blatantly rings true the minute he grabs his signature guitar and plays that instrumental break filled with Classical, Country and other types of music, this album is defiantly one for the ages.

22. Tony Logue is a name you will be hearing about VERY SOON, and I’ll be honest I didn’t usually include LIVE albums on my TOP 50 until recently. I’m glad that I did begin doing this, because in the last few years I have included some iconic albums.

Out here in Western Kentucky a young man reached out to me, and sent me his album. I delved into his music DEEPLY and found some ardent songs with passionate lyrics. You have a whole list of well written story type songs the likes of “The Girl From Dead Horse Hollow” and another heartfelt tribute song to NASCAR legend “Earnhardt”.

I have never got to see him live yet, but he is branching out into the wild now with many big local shows, and he is gaining steam around here with songs like “Dues”. When you spin this man’s record, you’re going to come to terms with the reality that Mr. Tony is on the horizon to be a few steps behind Mr. Ian Noe…who is a few steps behind Mr. Tyler Childers..the local music goes full circle.

23. Mr. Evan Bartels released a damn fine EP earlier this year, that impressed me early on. Music for me is like the song “Drugs”, in that we all get high on SOMETHING. We all have a certain vice that grabs our attention or brings us joy that sometimes we miss out on other things in life.

This album fully built me up and tore me down as an individual, and this album focused on the concept of doing just that. Even though there were only 5 songs on this album, each song complimented one another quite well. This album was a total masterpiece, and I play this album almost every other day.

He wrote and produced all of the songs on this entire album, and even though I haven’t had the opportunity to hear them live yet. But, with songs like “In My Time” and “A Thousand Times” being part of the conclusion of the album, it leaves me wanting more insight into his outlook on the world in general.

24. Tylor And The Train Robbers released a DAMN FINE album early this year, the Idaho based local band launched an album dedicated to his distant kinfolk member Black Jack Ketchum, a Texas cowboy turned outlaw. It’s all about the infamous Hole In the Wall gang which operated out of New Mexico.

This 12 song album comes directly after their 2017 debut album, and even though this band has been playing local shows all over the area, they haven’t got a lot of album material to spread their music. However I have FULL faith that their music will indeed be further enjoyed by many .

“Lost And Lonely Miles” was a decent start to this album, and it opened my floodgates to delve into this project deeper on a more critical scale. I picked out each line in the lyrics and dissected them, and envisioned their meaning in my mind. This album is so full of stories and you’ll find that evident in songs like “Storyteller”.

25. Jon Pardi is one of those mainstream acts that they meld in with the pop country people, but honestly they lean more toward more traditional sounding music. This man’s debut album REALLY grabbed my attention, and wound up on my BEST OF list the first time.

THIS TIME he unveils a whopping 50 minute long album of 14 songs that are all originals. The song “Old Hat” really spoke to me as a man, because I love to TRY to date old school and act with an old school lifestyle. It just seems that men don’t act like that anymore, and women don’t seek men that DO act properly anymore. This song addressed that very issue with Honky Tonk greatness.

“Call Me Country” was another pinnacle on this album that made it stand out in a positive manner here. They used to call me Country comes at a much needed time in this nation, especially when the real Country is making a total comeback here. People like him are leading the forefront for us to expose our real music to ( what I call ) the normies. If WE can get the REAL Country across to the soccer moms, We CAN WIN. And with songs like “Just Like Old Times” I think pretty much anybody can enjoy and relate to this album.

26. Whiskey Myers is another album that will probably be included in everybody’s list, and for good reason. This is another whopping one hour long album with 14 songs on it, and it revealed another side of this band direction wise. This band gets lumped in with the Red Dirt crowd a lot, and with the Rock Country genre..I just call it good music.

The opening song “Die Rockin” is the one I heard first, they released several videos and singles from this album to build the anticipation for the album. It’s a foot stomping hard ass rock and roll anthem for a band that is a little bit of everything here. They praise their local Texas roots and tell you all about their dues they paid to get here.

“Rolling Stone” was another shuffle song I enjoyed full of their steel laced and harmonica driven signature sound they have. This album had more slower Country songs like “Houston County Sky”, and others. The album comes to climax right around the song “California To Caroline” with it’s darker meaning while slipping into songs “Bad Weather” as it closes. Go see this band LIVE in concert, you’ll be extremely glad you did.

27. Mr. Zac Clifton is just a young man…he is in fact a kid with a heart and soul more mature than most people twice his age. Many of my fellow website directors cannot get past his youthful vocals, or his unique vocal delivery akin to Ernest Tubb. But that was one 0f the factors that lead me to this choice here, I mean you JUST DON’T encounter music this “old school” anymore.

His youth makes songs like “Rough Rocky Roads” hard to believe, but it can even rough for some one his age. He still has a lot of years ahead of him to pay his dues, but for a debut album to be this amazing he has me convinced that he will be on the forefront for many years.

This album is stuffed full of drunken Country anthems all written by him, and even though he only has a little time under his belt, those beloved double stop intros like “Always Gonna Want You” ring out as seasoned Honky Tonk gems. It’s quite evident he was raised and groomed to do this for a living, and no matter the cost I think he is here to stay.

28. Miss Kelsey Waldon just keeps amazing me as a fan as the years pass by, and I’ll say this one is her best album to date but her best song was n her last album ( False King). But this album began with songs like the title track called “White Noise, White Lines”, that made me think about how fast life slips past our fingers. Enjoy every moment you can folks because it can side by at record speed if you don’t savor it.

She’s always been proud of her heritage of Kentucky, and songs like “Kentucky 1988” bring you to get to know her a little better as a person, as she continues to sharpen her unique vocal sound . To me, she is one of the BEST female Country singers around, and a  damn fine contribution to the female artists taking over the forefront of this type of Country. “Lived And Let Go” is a prime example of her super fine songwriting skills, funny thing is I was listening to this song as I was making out my will.

“Very Old Barton” was a good near closing song, with an even better message. I had the wonderful opportunity to catch her portion of many festivals all over America, and I got to catch her at many of her house shows at places like the Basement and such. EVERY TIME I see her it just keeps getting better!

29. Mr. Chris Knight is a hero to me.My ONLY regret is that I cannot have 50 number 1 albums, because THIS would be one of them. His first album of new music in many years, this came a t a well needed time in the local music community. That downtrodden and poignant voice of his can bring tears from a rock. His voice is so puissant and he sings with total authority over his listeners.

He brings forth “I’m William Callahan” with an in your face attitude, and winds into songs like “Crooked Mile” with some Honky Tonk twang and revved up guitars for this 40 minute album that makes his entire catalog even more classic. Mr. Chris Knight is one of the masters of this craft, and he has that heartbroken aura about him that just makes your soul shake.

“Send It On Down” was one of the high points of this album in many ways, I LOVED this version of the song originally sung by Lee Ann Womack, who joins him on this song. Both of these albums were one of the pinnacles of their careers as of yet.  The title track “Almost Daylight” talks about the long night trials of a traveling musician, you know I never realized how rough that life was until I began following some of these people around for weeks at a time.

30. Jericho Woods blew our faces off at Kickin it On The Creek last year, with one of the top sets of the entire festival. This year, I felt the need to finally place them on my yearly TOP list, and it is my onus to bring their music to a much large reader base. “Wrong Things, Right Reasons” is a party song to celebrate the weekend ( which it is for me right now), and highlights the twang and Honky Tonk sound of a budding band. This band is another up and coming band that is quickly becoming a household name.

This band is a local fixture around my area, and well loved here in Western Kentucky and middle Kentucky as well. “Love The Way You Love Me” has one of those catchy melodies that allows this band to be placed on festival lineups with just about any type of environment.

“Wrong So Gone” is one of those easy going Country songs with a vivid story to it, it ends up being a story about heartache and loss of one of the greatest loves of your life. The album closes with “Tennessee”, and another which is the title track called “One Perfect Sound”. It ends on a slower note of a two step song about family life, and how fast life can pass us by, and you should live your life to the fullest while you can..just keep looking for one perfect sound.

31. Miss Michaela Anne is probably also going to be included in so many TOP lists of 201, and once you spin this album one time you’ll easily see why. Her performance at Americanafest last year blew my mind all over the venue, and hearing songs like “Child Of The Wind” live was a real treat. I caught up on her music on the late here, having just recently discovering her through a PR kit, I’m REALLY kicking myself in the butt for missing her for years.

She possesses a VERY ardent onstage demeanor and makes it easy to delve into her world. the title track here called “Desert Dove” brings a more somber tone to the album, and talks about a lady of the night. But honestly one of the BEST parts of this album is the song called “If I Wanted Your Opinion”.

It could be construed as a smart ass song, but honestly it’s a powerful song about confidence and setting her man straight about how she deserves to be treated. In today’s day and age we are facing more of this subject, and it’s becoming very hard to be a true gentleman. This song addresses all of the gender equality issues there are in the world, and I think that she is another strong addition to the women coming to the forefront of real Country music.

32. Mr. Hayes Carll put out a fantastic album this year, perhaps one of the best of his time so far. It opens with a song called “None’ya” which from his perspective I can understand. These past few years his personal life has been under lots of scrutiny, and honestly he doesn’t care.

The result is one of his finest albums here, with songs like “Things You Don’t Wanna Know” and “If I May Be So Bold”. Maybe people should stop asking if they don’t want answers from artists, but overall this album had all different styles of songs. Every song on this album I enjoyed and found to be outstanding in their own right.

“What It Is” was one of my personal favorites with a more fun sounding banjo roll, and fun lyrics the album brings me a lot of personal joy like the song “Beautiful Thing” . “What It is” is right here in front of me and I’m not letting go is a good line to take to heart in today’s world, and I look forward to hearing these songs live. Mr. Hayes Carll puts on one hell of a fantastic live show, and I would always suggest you go.

33. Mr. Vincent Neil Emerson had an album title that kicked me right in the nuts, before I even heard the music on it. I could JUST FEEL the Honky Tonk vibes by holding the actual CD in my hand. But man once you put the album on it goes right into “25 And Wastin’ Time” and then songs about being as high as a fly on “Willie Nelson’s Wall”. Those songs have a very special steel guitar tone that resembles the warmth of the Legends of old, and this young man reminds me of other young ones like Mr. Zac Clifton up there.

“Fried Chicken And Evil Women” is the title track here, and I think we ALL can relate to this one here, and the waltz song called “The Bad Side Of Luck” is a Honky Tonk masterpiece. It talks about the gambler always coming up short for the wrong he has done, and it is a poignant song full of lament over wasted time.

‘Devil In My Bed” is another amazing song with some terrific guitar run solos on it, and I LOVE harmonics combined with great well written lyrics, with this album you have all of that rolled into one big deal. However the album finally flows and rolls into the last song called “Highway Shine”. It’s one of those easy to understand getting by on getting by songs, in a roundabout sort of way, I think Country Music is best defined by that statement as well as “The Highway Shine Is Calling Me”…this young man just gets it.

34. Mr. Gethen Jenkins used to have a band called the Freight shakers and they released a damn fine album a few years back, I have LOVED his music ever since. I simply do not get to see him live, but as soon as he released this one, I snatched it up quicker than my cat will lick it’s ass. “Heartache Time” is an absolutely well written Country classic about hurting and boozing, and then it goes into “Whiskey Bound” to complete the run of sorrow and despair.

This man is amazing, and his darkness defines a man’s very existence on this Earth. his precise placement of the steel guitar on this album exemplifies his love for traditional and honest Country Music. It has some catchy well written hooks like “Maintenance Man” about a high maintenance woman needing him.

“Western Gold” the title track is a rambling good road song that is one of the prime examples I give to these lost people that exclaim “Country isn’t Country Anymore”….oh I meant on the radio…oh, well I didn’t know this stuff existed…oh well I’m not smart enough to look for it…COME ON PEOPLE WAKE UP. Stop being a “Basket Case”, and get on the Gethen Jenkins ship with me.

35.The Lost Dog Street Band is another amazing band live,and it took me a few times of seeing them live to fully enjoy their music. Once I REALLY sat back and listened to their songs like the opener “To Heaven From Here” I started slipping into a somber place where my soul could rest easily. This album is by FAR their finest work with dark and stormy songs like “Given Up Faith”.

I love a good string band waltz like “Terrible And True” complete with sorrowful harmonies and a sad fiddle whining out to all of the lamenting hearts that await healing through music. This is one of the longer songs on the album, with a powerful message for us.

Their performances at some of this summer’s festivals could not be outdone. They sound just as good live as they do on record, and many times I don’t say that about string bands like this one. “The War Inside Of Me” grabbed me by the heart and twisted it upside down, it made me look in the mirror and judge my own self as a man. You are your own worst enemy, and this song intensifies that truth.

36. The Quebe Sisters are often called progressive Western Swing…whatever that means.i mean they have some of the finest harmonies I have ever heard, and of course how can you argue with triple fiddles like they have? One of the finest songs they have on any of their albums lies on this record called ” The Waltz You Saved For Me”.

I move from different musical moods and I like things in doses here and there, I love their Western Music and their instrumentals make it a good travel album when I don’t want to focus on lyrics and want to focus more on the road. Not for note their precise musicianship make this album totally worth getting. “Bluegrass In The Backwoods” is exactly just that…no lyrics and just amazing music.

“Twilight On The Trail” is beautiful and the harmonies are angelic, this album was well produced and well recorded. This is good old fashioned dance music here, and with songs “Load At 7 Leave At 8” you can just play this album and swing away into the night.

37. Colonel J.D.Wilkes in my opinion is a local music Legend. Don’t try and argue with me or try to downplay his relevance to music in general with me. I LOVE the Shack Shakers but his “solo” music is even more enjoyable to me. I could listen to him play old timey songs all day. His spirit and his knowledge just captivate my attention.

“Jenny Get Around” finally brings in that recognizable harmonica into the fray, and when you combine that with Mr. J.D’s energy, you have a BEST OF album. I try my best to pick some albums from many different directions musically, and when I get to the string band stuff, he always come up front..but also OVERALL he is always at the top of my love list. “Tennessee Dog Attack” is one of those reasons why.

Many of the songs on here are short, nor does this album have a lot of solos like many of the Shack Shakers albums…but I’ll tell you up front…this isn’t a Shack Shakers album! “Liza Jane” is always a good song, no matter how you slice it up. It closes with a good song called “Little Birdie” which I hope to hear live on day, because it has some MIGHTY fine pickin on it. I’m NOT a very schooled musician by ANY means, but to say he isn’t a very passionate person is absolute hogwash. I love to visit his world from time to time and hear all the tales he has to tell me!

38. Mr. Ags Connolly If I had to pick one of my favorite songs of the year, it would have to be “The Meaning Of The Word”. EVERY SONG on this record is BEYOND amazing, and I know this list is full of Honky Tonkers more than other genres but dog gone it there were SO MANY GOOD Honky Tonkers released in 2019. People, if you think this album isn’t worthy “Wrong Again”.

“Indian Sign” is another good song on here, with a good steady beat, and a hurtful tone all his own. He has developed a vocal delivery all his own, nobody and I mean NOBODY sounds like Mr. Ags Connolly. The story about all that he has done in a 20 year old car, man if that isn’t true Country Music I don’t know what is!

This album closes on a song called “Sad Songs Forever” which is one of the most inventive toe tappers I have heard in years.  I mean the line the songs that belong on .45’s, sad songs forever, is simple and easy to understand. This album is 40 years before it’s time, and BY GOD that is nowhere near a bad thing. God bless Mr. Ags Connolly.

39. Mr. Garrett T. Capps put out another damn fine Honky Tonker as well, with songs like “Alone With You” that features Miss Jamie Lin Wilson. I wanna be alone but I wanna be alone with that line is great. I’m not exactly sure what to lump this album up with, and to be honest I could care less WHAT it is…it’s just damn fine music.

“Sunday Sun” has so many good steel guitar solos, and then there are other guests like Miss Carson Mchone on songs like “Lonely Heart” . It’s a slow and tragic song of darkness and breakup woe, and in my opinion he couldn’t have picked a finer duet partner for this one than her. She can sing a painful Country song, that could strike tears out of a rock.

“Baby, I’ve Got To Go” is another amazing song, it makes the album pick up the pace, and brings you right into a great song called “Oblivion” . BUT the last song called “Brand New Dance” is a spectacle for your ears at almost 8 minutes long. I expect big things for him in the future, and I know he will deliver… get this album NOW.

40. Mr. Gabe Lee is just a downright talented young man.He just sings some really well written songs about dreams and love, and life in general. “Alright OK” is a truly fun opening song here, and it’s a hopeful song if you have a broken’ll wash out in the rain people. This young man has it going on here, and it’s not necessarily all Country..or any ONE genre.

“Eveline” was a great song about long lost love. One of the songs that got me thinking the most was simply called “People”, because yeah people really make me wonder about things. Many of these songs were difficult to dissect for me, and I’ll probably be tearing it apart and studying it for weeks to come now.

“United States Of Nowhere” was another good song that I’m still checking out, but “Ol’ Smokey” was one of the songs I enjoyed about this album. You gotta listen to these 10 songs REALLY close to get the whole meaning, hurt, heartbreak, redemption, memories, and stories of the past…this album has it all.

41. Vince Gill I mean how can you not like this man’s music?Well to be honest I’ll say THIS, this is BY FAR some of his finest work since the “Pocket Full Of Gold” album in the late 80’s. I’m VERY GRATEFUL to see so many Country stars from the 80s and 90s making albums now, with ALL NEW music and not just an album full of covers.

But perhaps the finest song he has recorded in the last 20 years is called “A World Without Haggard” which of course is a tribute to lost Legend Merle Haggard. “I Don’t Wanna Ride The Rails No More” is another beautiful song about being a rambling individual, and a story of the road and wanting to settle down.

Age has not faltered his signature top notch voice, and the feeling that is usually in his voice is captured perfectly in this album. You get to hear some of the finest songwriting from this Okie that we have heard in 20 years. “Forever Changed” is another great song about verbal abuse and being changed, it talks about being judged by God as well. I’m just telling you to be prepared to be enamored by these songs.

42. Mr. Charley Crockett played one hell of a set this yea rat Master Musician’s festival, and shortly after he released this fantastic album of both covers and original material. I just like his style, and his sound, and above all I like his stage presence. “The Valley” is a title track song with low and slow twang about where he is from, and it kind of brings you more to whom he was growing up.

“10,000 Acres” near the middle of the album had some really cool steel guitar rolls and lonesome lyrics along with a delicate two step beat, that makes this song a damn fine rolling tune. “If Not The Fool” is one of his songs that deviates a little off the Country vibe and moves into the Bluesy sound that he is equally known for as well.

This man delivers total versatility, and all too often shows that he can indeed play many kinds of music. “Excuse Me” is one of the covers on the album that was originally a Buck Owens song, and the album ended with a song called “Change Yo Mind”. A regretful song that talks about hoping to say or do something to make her change her  mind to stay for good.

43. Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle recently put out a good album this year, and even though this album was short and had a few covers it was still a solid release. The covers were done in a very unique fashion indeed, like “Rovin Gambler”filled with this band’s well known mandolin leads, and flowing harmonies.

“Long Gone From Bowling Green” is a damn fine way to start this album though, and this band is equally amazing live where they just blast a song after song barrage of fast paced Roots Music songs. One of the songs that got the entire creek wild was called ‘Stewball”, which is also a cover.

They reportedly have more music ready to be recorded as well, after this one, where I hope they display some more original music and maybe a little longer album next. However until then, this album is a damn fine addition to your present album collection. “The Wind” is a strong indication that this band is developing a strong current lineup, and a loyal following…and they are coming full speed ahead.

44. The Randy Rogers Band brings forth a good 11 song album, after a 3 year span from the Neon album. The very cover of this album celebrates this band’s first tour van nicknamed “Peaches”, and the entire album celebrates the band’s 20 years together.

They are in fact hellbent on doing shows all over the United States, and putting out good albums like this one. “Crazy People” is about some hell raising youngsters with very strict parents, like Mr. Randy was a young man. You can easily tell that song was a reflection of his own youth.

This album makes several nods to one of their heroes Mr. Guy Clark. “Hell Bent On A Heartache” was one of those songs that contains that said nod.  They are going to be playing some shows at the Ryman this year and I’m hoping to catch that one this year. We’ll see exactly what the road brings us in 2020…besides good music.

45. The Rhyolite Sound also released a damn fine west coast Honky Tonk Country album here. You have songs like “Margaritas And Cocaine” followed by a song called ‘He Can Have Her”.  Like many of the albums on my list here, this one is another good straight up Country album with tons of boot stomping tales of debauchery.

“Ain’t No Outlaw” is an anthem to people like me, I’m all partied out, don’t drink anymore  and I’m not much fun anymore. But in my day I WAS a “Trainwreck” and very self destructive. You don’t have to be a drug addicted person that shoots in public to be an outlaw I reckon, just hold true to that traditional Country Music sound.

The album closes with some damn fine songs like “Downtown” which is a classic cheating song, and another drinking song called “I Think Too Much When I Drink Too Much”.  This is another one of those no frills, non complicated Country albums that adorn this TOP 50 list year after year.

46. Boo Ray Now this one may amaze some of you, but once you hear me out you’ll see why I chose this one. To be honest I could have chosen dozens of other titles from my yearly lists I have documented, but I LOVE his music a lot. NOT ONLY is he a local legend around here, and a permanent fixture around Nashville , but he is a talented musician in his own right.

“A Tune You Can Whistle” is a song that talks about the lack of communication in today’s world full of things that take our attention away from communicating with one another properly. The album is named after a sign in front of a store off highway 24, that he saw thousands of times.

This album talks about the aftermath of addiction, in songs like “She Wrote The Song”. Also there are songs like “Gone Back Down To Georgia” that take a slow change in direction, and flaunt his love for the Blues, and Jazz and so many other genres. You don’t just get ONE direction here, you get MANY and you also get a good, close look into who he is as a person.

47. The Cactus Blossoms I got to see these guys at the Nashville Boogie last year.I’m sure they are so tired of being compared to the Everley Brothers, but their harmonies are truly second to none. This album here encompasses all types of trials in life, and troubles as well.

The song “I’m Calling You” reminds me a few times of some of my own past relationships where I have been ghosted by someone, and lyrics  like too late for drinking too soon for coffee make it even more relatable to my own past.  “Please Don’t Call Me Crazy” is a terrific play on that popular comparison I was talking about there.

“Boomerang” was another good song about love gone wrong and coming back to biting you in ass. Describing that love as a boomerang in that she comes back again, but if it’s not reality it’s not really going to hurt. There are many plays on lyrics here of love and life in general.

48. William Clark Green Live At Cheatam Street Warehouse is indeed a grand spectacle of music from a Red Dirt Legend, captured in his natural habitat..on stage. This live album spans his career of 5 albums and over 12 years, and millions of miles traveled.  He’s currently touring and supporting his current album “Herbert Island”, which is a little over two years old now.

It’s a double album, but the only reason is because he introduces many of the songs and tells stories to the audience to how many of them came about to be. So many terrific songs exist in this man’s catalogue of material, with many messages and situations.

I myself have been to many of Mr. William’s shows, and every one of them have been worth all of the time and money I invested into seeing the shows. This album makes you feel like you are there, and brings you closer to his music overall. This truly is a live album for the ages folks, go pick it up NOW.

49. Mr. Casey Donahew opens his new album with a great song about a friend with benefits basically, always wanting this gal forever, but if she just wants to be “Queen For A Night” she can come to him. “Wishful Drinking” was another well written song and it has a Red Dirt feel to it, it just describes a fun night of drinking and dancing.

“He Ain’t A Cowboy” was kind of a Conway Twitty copy song of the same concept, boots that haven’t seen mud and city boys dressing up like the Marlboro man. This is from the view of a REAL cowboy. I like Mr. Casey more than many of his Texas music peers, and every time he comes to the Nashville area, I always catch his show.

“Drinks Well With Others” is basically a good song about a guy that behaves himself while being drunk in public, and not fighting or being obscene. This 15 song behemoth of an album is an amazing addition to his already impressive list of albums, and it’s on my constant rotation now.

50. Mr. Dalton Domino I don’t care what ANYBODY SAYS I stand behind this choice here, the opening song “Happy Alone” was a poignant song about how your own demons teach you how to be happy alone. It spoke to me as a loner myself, and sounded like he wrote the song ABOUT ME.

This album was a long time coming and he was playing songs from it, but his songwriting has truly evolved into songs like “Better Now”. When push comes to shove I go straight for the throat. This is a well written breakup song, and if you are going through one, you need to hear this one to heal. This is BY FAR his best album in my opinion, although my favorite song he has isn’t on this album. Overall it’s my personal favorite one he has put out.

“Half Blood” is about domestic violence with family members being split up across the river. One sibling lived with one parent and another with the other. It’s a tragic story of divorce and alcoholism, and the mother moved on and re married.  That song is truly the heart of the album, the big message.  It closes with two lengthy songs called “Cheap Spanish Wine” and “Welcome Home’.

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2019 Honorable Mentions:

Brandon Elder – Pot Holes And Pine Trees
Allison Moorer – Blood
Kinky Friedman – Resurrection
Jericho Woods – One Perfect Sound
Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle – Stranger In the Alps
Joseph Huber – Moondog
Six Sanchez – Devil On Both Shoulders
Reba McEntire – Stronger Than The Truth
Shane Smith And The Saints – Hail Mary
Gethen Jenkins – Western Gold
Tate McLane – Jackpine Savage
Dalton Domino – Songs From The Exile
Jordan Robert Kirk – Listening For That Sound
Aaron Watson – Red Bandana
Bart Crow – I’m Not Finished
Casey Donahew – One Light Town
Michael Clevland – Tall Fiddler
Blue Moon Rising – After All This Time
Vince Gill – Okie
Po Ramblin Boys – Toil Tears And Trouble
Billy Strings – Home
Lillie Mae – Other Girls
North Mississippi Allstars – Up And Rolling
Linda McRae – Going To The Well
Tami Neilson – Ten Ton Truck
Donice Morace – Long Live The Cowboy
Elaina Kay – Issues
Holly Tucker – You’re Gonna Know My Name
Hunter Hathcoat – Wrong Side
Jake Ward – Back On Solid Ground
Josh Abbott Band – Catching Fire
Josh Ward – Live At Billy Bob’s Texas
Kevin Fowler – Barstool Stories
Luke Prater – Luke Prater
Lukas Nelson – Turn Off The News
Triston Marez – Until I Found You
Randy Rogers – Hellbent
Wade Bowen – Watch This Live From Dallas
Reckless Kelly –Bulletproof Live
Tyler Childers – Country Squire
Whiskey Myers – Whiskey Myers
William Clark Green – Live At Cheatam Street Warehouse
The Dead South – Sugar And Joy
Stoney LaRue – Onward
Mikey And The Motorcars – Long Time Comin’
James Carothers – Songs And Stories
Charley Crockett – The Valley
Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors – Dragons
Old Salt Union – Where The Dogs Don’t Bite
Mark Chesnutt – Live From The Honky Tonk
Kelsey Waldon – White Noise / White Lines
Jade Jackson – Wilderness
Matt Anderson – Halfway Home By Morning
William Harries Graham – Jakes
Charlie Parr – Charlie Parr
Ian Noe – Between The Country
Cody Wayne – Bad Influence
Michaella Anne – Desert Dove
The Steel Woods – Old News
The Steel Wheels – Over The Trees
Kendell Marvel – Solid Gold Grounds
Joshua Ray Walker – Wish You Were Here
Charles Wesley Godwin – Seneca
Mike And the Moonpies – Cheap Silver And Solid Country Gold
Sturgill Simpson – Sound And Fury
George Strait – Honky Tonk Time Machine
flatland Cavalry – Homeland insecurity
The Highwomen – The Highwomen
Erin Enderlin – Faulkner County
Cody Johnson – Ain’t Nothin To It
Jon Pardi – Heartache Medication
Cody Jinks – The Wanting
Cody Jinks – After The Fire
Tanya Tucker – While I’m Livin’
Miranda Lambert – Wildcard
Kelleigh Bannen – Favorite Colors
Red Idle Rejects – Genus Americanas
Dori Freeman – Every Single Star
Clint Black – Still Killin’ Time
Dale Watson – Call Me Lucky
Barnyard Stompers – Goin’ Down To Meet The Devil
Dallas Moore – Tryin’ To Be A Blessing
Justin Townes Earle – The Saint Of Lost Causes
Lost Dog Street Band – Weight Of A Trigger
Mama Said String Band – Carry The Water
Screaming Rebel Angels – Heel Grinder
Dillon Carmichael – I Do For You
Jeremy Ivey – The Dream And The Dreamer
Corb Lund – Cover Your Tracks
Terri Hendrix – Who Is Ann?
Saddle Of Southern Darkness – the Feral Few
Hot Club Of Cowtown – Wild Kingdom
Tilford Sellers – Another Day With You
Tony Booth – I Love To Tell The Story
Darryl Worley – Second Wind
Emily Mure – Sad Songs And Waltzes
Nick Nace – Wrestling With The Mystery
Tracy Byrd – Live At Billy Bob’s
Hayes Carll – What It Is
Ben Jarrell – Troubled Times
Jack Ingram – Ridin’ High…Again
Jim Lauderdale – From Another World
Crystal Gayle – You don’t Know Me
David Ball – Thinkin Problem Demos EP
Logan Ledger – I Don’t Dream Anymore
Darrin Bradbury – Talking Dogs And Atom Bombs
Don Gallardo – In The Name Of Good Intentions
The Quebe Sisters – The Quebe Sisters
Ward Hayden And the Outliers – Can’t Judge A Book
Left Lane Cruiser – Shake N Bake
Jason Hawk Harris – Love And The Dark
Zach Bryan – DeAnn
Paul Cauthen – Room 41
Molly Tuttle – When You’re Ready
Vincent Neil Emerson – Fried Chicken And Evil Women
Jacob Bryant – Practice What I Preach
The Drunken Hearts – Wheels Of The City
Tyler Stokes Stoked And Lawless – Stuck In An Outlaw Song
Jackson Tillman – Lost In The Neon
Spur 327 Band – Dodging Armadillos
Chris Knight – Almost Daylight
The Gibson Brothers – Mockingbird
Emily Scott Robinson – Traveling Mercies
Steel Blossoms – Steel Blossoms
Mike Oberst – Six Feet Of Earth
Orville Peck – Pony
Dee White – Southern Gentleman
Ags Connolly – Wrong Again
Anna Rose – The Light Between
Rodney Crowell – Texas
The Revelers – At The End Of The River
Jenny Tolman – There Goes The Neighborhood
Ottoman Turks – Ottoman Turks
Runaway June – Blue Roses
Jason James – Seems Like Tears Ago
Josh Ritter – Fever Breaks
Arthur Hancock – Alive At Hillbilly Central
Emi Sunshine – Family Wars
The Carter Family – Across Generations
Alice Wallace – Into The Blue
Lauren Jenkins – No Saint
Trampled By Turtles – Sigourney Fever
Balsam Range – The Gospel Collection
Libby Koch – Redemption 10:Live At Blue Rock
Zachary Lucky – Midwestern
The Milk Carton Kids – the Only Ones
John Surge And The Haymakers – Your Wonderful Life
Fruition – As Wild As The Night
Emily Miller – Dear Lonely
Blackberry Smoke – Live In Atlanta
Thunder And Rain – Passing In The Night
Jack Marion And The Pearl Snap Prophets – When The Well Runs Dry
Willie Nelson – Ride Me Back Home
Zac Clifton – Honky Tonk Heaven
Steve Earle And The Dukes – Guy
Son Volt – Union
The Avett Brothers – Closer Than Together
Rhiannon Giddens – There Is No Other
Todd Snider – Cash Cabin Sessions Volume 3
Shovels And Rope – By blood
Cactus Blossoms – Easy Way
Jamestown Revival – San Isabel
Infamous Stringdusters – Live From Covington Kentucky
Greensky Bluegrass – All Access Volume One
Christina LaRocca – These Are My Whiskey Dreams
Shane Owens – Thankful For Country Music
Bob Bradshaw – Queen Of The West
Charlie Hager – Truth And Love
Lockeland – These hands
Bradford Loomis – Where The Light Ends
Karen And The Sorrows – Guaranteed Broken Heart
The Carolyn Sills Combo – Return To El Paso
The Delta Bombers – Give Em All
The Kabooms – Right Track Wrong Way
Dan Whitaker And The Shinebenders – Far Far Away
The Royal Hounds – Low Class Songs For High Class People
Janie Fricke – The Best of Janie Fricke Volume 1 and 2
Lucero – Before The Ghosts: Acoustic Demos
James Steinle – What I Came Here For
Nick Dittmeier – Companion
Jesper Lindell – Everyday Dreams
Joe Stamm Band – Joe Stamm Band
Tiffany Williams – When You Go
Dave Ernst – Hickory Switch
Tony Logue – Live On Red Barn Radio
Seldom Scene – Changes
Clint Alphin –
Straight To Marrow
Tim O’ Brien – Tim O’ Brien Band
Jane Kramer – Valley Of The Bones
Radney Foster – For You To See The Stars
Tim Bluhm – Sorta Surviving
Reed Foehl – Lucky Enough
Mile Twelve – City On A Hill
Tylor And The Train Robbers – Best Of The Worst Kind
Bobby Mackey – Merle Haggard Blues
Bobby Mackey – America’s Honky Tonk
Tucker Riggleman And The Cheap Dates – Heaven
Andrew Adkins – Who i Am
Bambi Lee Savage – Berlin – Nashville Express
JP Harris – Why Don’t We Duet In The Road (Again)
Chad Richard – Worthy Cause
Robbie Walden Band –
Blank Range –
In Unison
Rising Appalachia – Leylines
Kelly Augustine – Light In The Lowlands
Taylor Alexander – Good Old Fashioned Pain
3 Pairs Of Boots – Gone South
The Lowdown Drifters – Last Call For Dreamers
The Local Honeys – The Gospel
The South Austin Moonlighters – Travel Light
Karen Jonas – Lucky, Revisited
Bill Bloomer – Bounty
Rod Picott –
Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil
Taylon Hope – Taylon Hope
Chuck Hawthorne – Fire Out Of Stone
Randy Lewis Brown – Red Crow
Triggers And Slips – The Stranger
Yonder Mountain String Band – Elevation ( Re issue)
500 Miles To Memphis – Blessed Be The Damned
Jesse Dayton – Mixtape Volume 1
Hackensaw Boys – A Fireproof House of Sunshine
The Hardin Draw – The Hardin Draw
The Glade City Rounders – Up The River
Evan Bartels – Promised Land
Chuck Mead – Close To Home
Jamestown Revival – San Isabel
Doug Seegers – A Story I Got To Tell
The Bellamy Brothers – Over The Moon
Josh Ward – Live At Billy Bob’s Texas
Jesse Stratton Band – Live In Wimberley
John Arthur Martinez – For The Love Of Western Swing
Season Ammons – Neon Side Of Town
Darrell Goldman – Darrell Goldman
Wes Hayden – Wes Hayden
Tanner Usrey –
Medicine Man
Jon Stork – Radio Cowboy
Stetson Walker –
Let Me Introduce You
Country Side Of Harmonica Sam – Broken Bottle Broken Heart
Walter DeBarr – We Fall, We Break
Eric Bolander – The Wind
Nicholas Jamerson – Ffloyd County All Star
Grayson Jenkins – Cowboy Dream
Sean Whiting – High Expectations
Josh Nolan – Kind Heart To Follow
Nic Allen And The Troubled Minds – On The Hilltop
Colter Wall And The Scary Prairie Boys – EP
Josh Abbott Band – Catching Fire
Cowboy Diplomacy – Burn Down The Road
Chad Kostner – Highway 63
Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters – Christmas On A Greyhound Bus ALSO Live At The Grey Eagle
Scott H Biram – Sold Out To The Devil A Collection Of Gospel Hits By The Rev. Scott H Biram
New Riders Of The Purple Sage – Thanksgiving In New York City Live
Wayne Hancock – Man Of The Road The Early Years
Old Crow Medicine Show – Live At The Ryman
Matt Woods – Natural Disasters
The Hollering Pines – Moments In Between
The Shootouts – Quick Draw
Rhiannon Giddens – There Is No Other
The Howlin’ Brothers – Still Howlin’
The Quaker City Night Hawks – QCNH
Boo Ray – Tennessee Alabama Fireworks
Sydney Adams –Always Home To Me
Charlie Marie – Charlie Marie
Gabe Lee – Farmland
Billy Don Burns – A Train Called Lonesome
Emily Scott Robinson – Traveling Mercies
Caroline Spence – Mint Condition
Hailey Whitters – The Days
Roger Alan Wade – Simmering Rage
The Rhyolite Sound – Mojave Gold

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