Well Folks It’s early in the AM and I am up planning on some other irons I have
in the fireplace. I’m up getting ready for a Roots Music Festival but I want to
flip over for just a moment if I could to Traditonal Country and to one of the
many people in Country Music I look up to.

On September 6th at the Ernest Tubb Troubador Theater Glenn Douglass Tubb
who is Ernest Tubb’s nephew will host the Fourth Annual Ernest Tubb Tribute Show on the
anniversary of his death in 1984.
It will be a special edition of the Midnight Jamboree which is STILL a weekly show after
the Opry and has been since 67 years ago.
It is the second longest running radio program second only to…..YEP…The Opry!

The many guests for the Ernest Tubb Tribute will be Jerry Green, from Texas that Glenn
first met back in 1952 in Austin, Texas where he and Justin had a band. They were playing
at Dessau Hall, a big night club outside of Austin in the little community of Pflugerville.
We have another Texan on the show in the person of Texas Bluesman, Johnny Riley. And all the way
from the big community of Burns, Tennessee, they welcome Gary Clardy; a fine singer and
songwriter who also makes those fine Clardy Guitars.
We also have Miss Jennifer Brantley and her husband, David Hand, who will play lead guitar
for her. Jennifer is a fantastic singer who lives here in Nashville.
She recently cut Glenn’s song he co-wrote with Hank Williams.

Another Nashville singer, Miss Brenda Best, will be performing for us also. Her name pretty
well describes her talent. And driving in from Delaware will be Greg Watson and his wife
Teresa. Greg has been on our show before and he never fails to entertain. There is a good
variety of entertainers who will share the stage with him that Saturday evening.

And if you cannot be there in person you can ALWAYS listen in on WSM AM 650.

You know I could write another whole series of articles of the many things
Ernest Tubb did for Country Music.
For many years the Tubb family has preserved Country Music tradition and upheld
it’s honor within the store and Troubador Theater.
As a musician Ernest Tubb Brought forth a lot of his Troubadors and allowed them
to become Country Music Legends themselves in their own right.

HE IS responsible for Cal Smith, Jack Greene, Buddy Emmons, Buddy Charleton
Jan Curtis, Ronnie Blackwell….the list goes ON AND ON!

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