A few weeks back, I went down to Nashville to see a few shows. I have been backed up a while, and I finally got around to getting all of these articles up on the website, and all of the notes and pictures uploaded here. I have lists and lists of stuff to catch up on, but guess what? I’ll do it all for sure!

I have been ardently supporting all of my local venues that got left out in the  cold after the pandemic, however I have supported this venue even more than others. I recently published an article on behalf of the Mercy Lounge and the other venues along with it.

I cannot even begin to list how many shows I have been to at the Cannery Ballroom, The Mercy Lounge and the High Watt….probably into the thousands? Many different genres and many different bands I have seen grace the stages of all of those venues. In fact, it not only affects local shows, but it also greatly affect Americanafest and Tin Pan South.

At this show there was one act that I regrettably missed and that was Volk, which is a local Cowpunk duo here in Nashville. I am not too familiar with them, and I got held up in traffic, so sadly I missed their portion of the show here.

The Delta Bombers are a Las Vegas multi genre band, that rarely gets to the Nashville area, so I had to go down and see them while I could.  This band is made up of Mr. Andrew Himmler, Mr. Chris Moinichen, Mr. P J Franco and also Mr. Georgio Garcia, and tonight they played an outstanding set of their songs.

This band was another one of the plethora of bands I found on Myspace, where they first started out, and I got to see them on the west coast a few times, in their own element. I consider them a Legendary Rockabilly band, and one of the bands on the forefront of the west coast local scene.

Their first album from 2011 called Howlin was on the iconic Wild Records label, one of the many local music labels that inspired me to start doing all of this music work. As far as I can remember, this set tonight only featured two songs from that album, which was “Voodoo In You”, and their encore, which was “Howli’n”.

“Lock The Door” was from their 2014 self titled album ( and one of my favorites ) which contained some of their best songs of their collection like “You Gotta Loose” and “Death Come Creepin”. Their song called “Shoveling Coal” came from their album called Pressure And Time.

This band has a very energetic stage presence, and plays like a well oiled machine, and I strongly suggest you catch their show, if they ever hit your favorite local venue. Both of these bands made up for a KILLER show here tonight!

Hillbilly Casino have been friends of mine for a long long time. It’s been a rough ride for me these past two years and it’s so nice to get out and see them again. They too, have been impacted by many changes and had to adapt to them…and they did that quite well.

Now, allow me to say that I still LOVE their old band mates Mr. Geoff and Mr. Matthew, and it’s hard to say definite things about either lineup folks. I cannot do that on this instance, but the addition of their new bassist Mr. Colin Taylor and their new drummer Mr. Sam Clay are also welcome additions.

Their solid sound and DYNAMITE stage presence is still there folks, and these four are all over the stage, as well as the entire venue. I have always said that they are a VASTLY overlooked band by the major media, because the major media is FOOLISH!

There are still so many high points to their set that haven’t really gone away, and their lead singer Mr. Nic Roulette hasn’t lost one ounce of his showmanship up there. He is indeed a top notch entertainer and the fact he can belt out the lyrics for “One Cup Beyond” without missing a beat is CRAZY!

They heavily rely on the audience for participation of the show, and they truly TRULY LOVE us fans. They did play one of my personal favorites called “Big Dan” in which Mr. Ronnie Crutcher sings about a bad ass truck driver. That song is also off the album called Three Step Windup.

Another high point of the show is when they played ‘Violets In May”. That’s one of those songs where Mr. Ronnie gets down on that banjo and they hammer down on some vocal harmonies that are second to none.

I remember much of their set like the song “8OO85” ( marketed on shirts like BOOBS ) and also the song “No Toll Taken”. They did close with their anthem song they have called the “Tennessee Stomp”.

I’m truly going to miss getting to see shows here at ( what I call ) the Cannery Row show complex, and this is a prime example of the importance of supporting these venues. In instances like this one, I have a feeling nothing would have saved it from imminent doom.

The problem we have down here in Nashville is all these out of state firms buying up all the properties, and turning them into condos with immense rental rates…and people are paying it! As long as there are people willing to pay these rates, this crap will never stop.

We’re always going to have music venues in Nashville. But we are rapidly loosing our HISTORIC ones, and that is a scary feeling. We are the victims of some evil, nefarious business tactics, sometimes one can not help but feel it’s being intentionally done.

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