Mr.Joshua Hedley is a household local name around the Nashville area, and he is very revered by the natives of the local scene here. Last night I witnessed fierce respect and love expressed toward him by members of the Opry inducted Old Crow Medicine Show ,and Margo Price.

“O’l Hed” is moving forward in his musical career and will be the subject of more news on my website as I am allowed to speak of his news, much like I recently expressed in my last article about Joe Huber I want to bring YOU my readers the BEST news before anyone else does however not at the liberty of ANY band or artist.

The Nashville Palace is under new ownership and so far It’s pretty much the same however the menu has changed a little bit. My favorite hot dog is no longer available, but those are small changes I’ll have to get used to in this occurrence because it IS STILL a hotspot and place to be on weekend nights for my local scene. Last night was his last night to perform his weekly set there so Iwent on down to watch him play and I’m truly glad I did.

I arrived at about 11:30 to get to watch him perform a truly fine version of “There Stands The Glass” originally recorded in 1952 by Blane Smith, however it was made more successful commercially by Webb Pierce in 1953 and it  was written by Russ Hull, Mary Jean Shurtz and Audrey Greisham. “All My Exs Live In Texas” was a song written by Sanger Shaffer and made popular by George Strait in the early 1980’s. Many of the choices made tonight were very nice and enjoyable cover songs in an always iconic ambiance.

“Old Violin” and the Waylon classic “Mental Revenge” made up a portion of his lineup last night as well as “Yesterday’s Wine” and one of my favorite John Anderson songs the Kent Robbins penned “Straight Tequila Night” off the Seminole Wind album from 1991. After he played “Ain’t That Lonely Yet” he went around for tips as his band played “How I Got To Memphis” and “Should I Go Home Or Should I Go Crazy” and more.

The video below is from his performance of the song “Tennessee Border” which I remember Hank Williams doing as well as a few others, before he went into the Merle Haggard classic ‘The Old Man From The Mountain” which Fuzzy Owens produced in 1974 on Merle’s 30th album. Ironically despite it’s name it really was his 20th studio album but he counted LIVE albums and gospel releases too.

He showcased his finest vocals of the evening on the song “Window Up Above” from George Jones from 1960 and includes a b side of my favorite song Jones did that fell into obscurity and that was “Candy Hearts”. See much like me Mr. Joshua is a Country Music NUT that salivates over obscure and rare classic Country Music and delivers the songs with precise amounts of pain, I enjoy that.

The above video is from the song “Borrowed Angel” and he also played “One Dime At A Time” and a TRULY GOOD version of “Rose Colored Glasses”. I’m real glad I went down there to see his last show there and look forward to covering more of his original material in the future.

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