Kenneth Marr has been my friend for many years, and in fact designed my logo for this website for me. He’s done graphics work for many of us, and next weekend he is throwing a backyard party with NO COVER just tip the bands. I’ll be honest I have indeed featured all of these artists and I’m hoping to hear some new tunes from John King And The Mud River Revival.

For absolute certain they were among my top albums of 2015 and every time I go see them I enjoy them more. I’m telling you this will be a family friendly event EVERYONE can attend and have fun. I honestly cannot say enough good about anybody on this bill here and I assure you next weekend I’ll have house guests for this one.

Mr. Kenneth expanded the stage to facilitate a full band now along with full lights and sound to bring you a truly fine outdoor type venue out in the country. As above stated it is a kid friendly party for the most part as I’m SURE Moondawg Hall would be most honored to play with any unattended toddlers before and after his set that night. He juggles and dances for their entertainment and can even make balloon animals.

Gravel Switch
Kendra Hope
Moondawg Hall
John King And The Mud River Revival

All of these artists I have had the opportunity to cover at the Spillway before in Bowling Green Kentucky. Now, Smith’s Grove isn’t far from Bowling Green and next week Saturday is SURE to be on hell of a fun backyard cookout complete with tons of music fun..and I’ll be there to document all the music as I usually do.

This will be my final music show until May when I cover TWO major festivals for the first time EVER..AND I host and sponsor a whole stage for the first time ever as I host the Honky Tonk stage for the Westport Roots Festival in Kansas City, Missouri. I shall also be at Opryland the 12th-15th for the Nashville Boogie so STAY TUNED for coverage of BOTH!

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