I have many yearly end articles coming out in the next few days that encapsulate all of the 2021 music events, that I usually implement to close out the year. I will be linking all of the articles into each other, so that all my readers can get the entire story of the year’s music happenings.

I spend a great deal of my personal time going to other websites and resources to find new bands and artists on a daily basis, and I have devoted a large portion of my life to the study of local music. I am not one of the “underground music sites” that only report on what is “trending” within the scene…..I report on the underdog.

Here is an extensive list of ongoing local shows in Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama that I have accumulated from literally hundreds of sources, and it covers hundreds of bands and venues. PLEASE FOLKS I urge you to go support these small venues and bar staff that NEED your support, and your presence.

Here is a comprehensive list of 100 ( so far ) music festivals that I have supported throughout the years. Many of these festivals are small DIY ones, run by local blue collar folks like us! There are no boundaries to this list, from Washington to Florida, we got them all covered!

I found so many new bands and artists last year, and I wanted to share them all with you, as well as learn about new bands from other sources and lists. Currently, I am also working on my TOP 50 OF 2021, which I am releasing a little later than I usually release my list.

Additionally, I will be soon releasing an extensive up and coming list for albums coming out in 2022, as well as building up a splendid spotify list for upcoming singles and news. I personally guarantee that my list is more extensive and carefully planned than many of the other websites that I get compared to.

Gary Allan – Ruthless
Amigo The Devil – Born Against
Lost Dog Street Band – The Magnolia Sessions
Ashley Monroe – Rosegold
Ashley Monroe – The Covers
Parker McCollum – Gold Chain Cowboy
Tristan Marez – Tristan Marez
Grayson Jenkins – Turning Tides
Elijah Ocean – Born Blue
Billy Strings – Renewal
The Vegabonds – Sinners And Saints
Garrett T. Capps – I Love San Antone
Rod Gator – For Louisiana
Carley Pierce – 29: Written In Stone
Jeremy Pinnell – Goodbye L.A.
Natalie Hemby – Pins And Needles
Lance Rogers – Lance Rogers
The Wild Feathers – Alvarado
Lainey Wilson – Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’
Daryl Wayne Dasher – Honky Tonk Ways
Dori Freeman – Ten Thousand Roses
Melissa Carper – Daddy’s Country Gold
Reckless Kelly – The 911 Demos
Stoney Larue – Live 25
Pistol Annies – Hell Of A Holiday
Justin Clyde Williams – Empty Rooms
Joe Troop – Borrowed Time
Elder Jack Ward – Already Made
Del Barber – Stray Dogs Collected B Sides Volume 1
Malcolm Holocombe – Tricks Of The Trade
Don Gallardo – All The Pretty Things
The Flatlanders – Treasure Of Love
Son Volt – Electro Melodier
Pokey LaFarge – In The Blossom Of Their Shade
Colebrook Road – Hindsight Is 2020
Tejon Street Corner Thieves – Stolen Goods
Karen Jonas – Summer Songs
AJ Lee And Blue Summit – I’ll Come Back
Boy Named Banjo – Circles
Nellen Dryden – Standstill
Tim Easton – You Don’t Really Know Me
David Ferguson – Nashville No More
Walter Parks And The Unlawful Assembly – The Unlawful Assembly
Emmylou Harris And The Nash Ramblers – Ramble In Music City: The Lost Concert
Matthew Fowler – The Grief We Gave Our Mother
Taylor McCall – Black Powder Soul
Rob Leines – Blood Sweat And Beers
Senora May – All Of My Love
Crownover – Another Day In Our 20’s
Conrad Fisher – Homemade
Taylor Rae – Mad Twenties
Jeb Cardwell – My Friend Defiance
The Hello Darlins – Go By Feel
Cory Grinder And The Playboy Scouts – Honky Tonkin’ Beauty Supreme
Riddy Arman – Riddy Arman
The High Hawks – The High Hawks
Kiely Connell – Camulet Queen
Country Westerns – Country Westerns EP
The Georgia Thunderbolts – Can We Get A Witness
Ted Russell Kamp – Solitaire
Aaron Lee Tasjan – Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!
Clay Walker – Texas To Tennessee
Esther Rose – How Many Times
Grace Pettis – Working Woman
Charlie Parr – Last Of The Better Days
Travis Linville – I’m Still Here
Jamestown Revival – Young Man
Mercy Bell – Golden Child
Leah Blevins – First Time Feeling
Colby Acuff – If I Were The Devil
Max Flinn – Meant To Be
RC And The Ambers – Big Country
Cannan Smith – High Country Sound
Carson Jeffrey – Buzzed Brain Pt. 2
Paul Thorn – Never Too Late To Call
Abby Bryant And The Echoes – Not Your Little Girl
Suzanne Santo – Yard Sale
Jon Byrd – Me And Paul
Brandy Zdan – Falcon
Swamptooth – B-Flat Earth
Jeremy James Meyer – Alive And OK
The Shootouts – Bullseye
Kashena Sampson – Time Machine
Them Coulee Boys – Namesake
Asleep At The Wheel – Half A Hundred Years
Andrew Farriss – Andrew Farriss
Tony Kamel – Back Down Home
Lainey Lou And The Bird Dogs – Through The Smoke
Sean Devine – Here For It All
Brandi Carlile – In These Silent Days
Teea Goans – All Over The Map
The Bronze Horseman – The Hound
Tyller Gummersall – Lucky Guy
Andy Dale Petty – Rattlesnake Eggs
Rhiannon Giddens – They’re Calling Me Home
Yola – Stand For Myself
John Hiatt – Leftover Feelings
Kacey Musgraves – Star – Crossed
Todd Snider – First Agnostic Church Of Hope And Wonder
Silas J. Dirge – The Poor Devil
The Reverend Deadeye – When Death Come Call Ya
Black Tarpoon – Probable Caws
Loney Hutchins – Buried Loot, Demos From The House Of Cash And “Outlaw” Era
Jordan Robert Kirk – Western Holler
Nick Dittmeier And The Sawdusters – Companion ( extended edition )
BD Frank – Born On The River
Justin Moses – Fall Like Rain
Eric Brace And Last Train Home – Everything Will Be
Ava Rowland – Ava Rowland
The Royal Hounds – A Whole Lot Of Nothing
Allie Colleen – Stones
Rod Aldridge And The Proponents – Mind Over Manners
Noah Smith – Ain’t So Bad Round Here
Bill And The Belles – Happy Again
Vivian Leva And Riley Calcagno
J.P. Harris Dreadful Wind And Rain – Don’t You Marry No Railroad Man
Abe Partridge – Live In The U.K. Agony Is Alright
TK And The Holy Know-Nothings – The Incredible Heat Machine
Ken Wilber – Ran Out Of Sky
Eddie Montgomery – Ain’t No Closing Me Down
Ida Red – Harmony Grits
Red Shahan – Javelina
Jackson Melnick – Abilene
Jim Lauderdale – Hope
Angela Autumn – Frontiers Woman
The Oak Ridge Boys – Front Porch Singin’
Sean Devine – Here For It All
Toler Gibson – The Days Before
Leah Belle Faser – Crossing Hermi’s Bridge
Nick Sizemore – Where The Lonesome Roam
Bo DePena – It’s About To Get Western
Katie Jo – Pawn Shop Queen
Ryan Curtis – Rust Belt Broken Heart
Bridge City Sinners – Unholy Hymns
Those Poor Bastards – Old Time Suffering
The Kokomo Kings – A Drive-By-Love Affair

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