Just Announced:
John Prine Plays John Prine
Limited Edition Box Set

Watching this video here I re fell in love with this album and how hollow it is to have to listen to it knowing Mr. John is gone. I cannot begin to elaborate how many hours I have spent studying this man and his life. His high points and his tragedies as well have solidified him as a true enigma of the music world.

This first album was actually the work of Mr. Kris Kristofferson calling the record label and telling them to straight out sign him, and they did. Many of these songs he played all the way until his death. I myself have watched him play all of these in different shows all through my life.

I spend al lot of time listening to music and studying music, and I spend a lot of time attending shows. My entire home is set up to study music and to display my appreciation of it as well. To say that Mr. John Prine was not a major part of the initial beginning of that would be wrong.

1. Illegal Smile
2. Spanish Pipedream
3. Hello In There
4. Sam Stone
5. Paradise
6. Pretty Good
7. Your Flag Decal (Won’t Get You Into Heaven)
8. Far From Me
9. Angel From Montgomery
10. Quiet Man
11. Donald And Lydia
12. Six O Clock News
13. Flashback Blues

September 23rd marks this 50th anniversary of John’s self-titled debut album. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are proud to announce “John Prine plays John Prine, a recording of the memorable night in September 2016, where John played his first album front to back for the first time ever.
Re-live this special one-time only show with a limited edition exclusive box set featuring vinyl, cd ,and dvd of his legendary performance during the 2016 Americana Music Festival. This box set will contain vinyl, CDs and a dvd performance of this special night.


Prine’s label Oh Boy Records, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, will release a limited-edition box set, “John Prine Plays John Prine,” this spring—a special live recording of the only time Prine performed his debut record front to back (pre-order here). Recorded during AmericanaFest in 2016, the box set—created by the Grammy Award-winning Dodds Sisters—will include a CD, vinyl and DVD version of the performance, with a portion of all proceeds benefitting the Americana Music Association Foundation.

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