I try my best to stay in the loop in the Texas music community, and I use organizations like this one to do that. The Texas Regional Radio Report is one of the many resources I use to obtain information. In this article here, I will tell you why I like them so much.

I was finished going through my divorce in 2006, and in 2007 I began once again delving into the music to heal. MySpace and internet radio were other ways I found, I discovered Ryan Bingham, Son Volt and many others.

I could list thousands of bands that influenced me back then with Texas music, as well as Roots music. Currently all of these years later, I enjoy spending time studying and writing about Country Music and other genres, and I enjoy local music as well.

In 2004, they started this fine resource information project for upcoming talent, that people like me lust after to find new artists to feature. This is a chart based publication that has a purpose to help regional talent.

They feature TWO different charts to generate notice for the ones considered “Texas Red Dirt” and the “Texas  Only” bands. They reflect the song activity of each individual artist, that best suit them.

Press Release on the Texas Regional Radio Report Awards Show:

Bri Bagwell, revered as a long-time trailblazer for female acts in the Texas music scene, received her eighth Texas Regional Radio Report “Female Vocalist of the Year” award last week (March 22, 2021) in Arlington, TX. She was also surprised with a “Decade Award” for most Female Vocalist wins in 10 years, presented by former Dallas Cowboys and NFL Pro Bowler Jay Novacek.

“Every female touring act deserves an award,” says Bagwell. “But I’m honored and humbled by this recognition. This music scene has been my home for ten years, and I’m so grateful to make a living doing what I love.”
Bagwell, who hails from Las Cruces, NM, has had charting success with seven #1 singles on the Texas charts, and even a national independent single in the high fifties on the Music Row chart last year.
She continues to shine as an indie female artist through her grit, energetic live shows, and genuine song lyrics.“I just write what I know, and stay true to my roots as much as possible. People keep buying tickets and I get to keep playing the music that I love. That’s living the dream.”Bagwell’s next single “Heroes” will be out this May, and the much anticipated release is, according to Bagwell, “…a song about loving someone who also loves Willie, Waylon, Dolly, and all of the greats, just as much I do .”

You can follow Bri Bagwell on all social media @bribagwell, and also at www.bribagwell.com


Miss Bri Bagwell has been one of the many women I have been enjoying in the “Texas red Dirt” market for many years. To be completely honest, I just call it all good music, and I try not to make boxes or lump people into those boxes.

Even though we haven’t heard a new album from her since 2018’s “In My Defense”, we do have a new single from her called “As Soon As You”. And even though we have a lapse in time for new music, she runs a very strict show schedule and performs many shows a year.

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