Yes Sir, there are quite a few times yearly that I venture out into the state of Illinois for music functions. I am a huge fan of independent venues and outdoor theaters that host amazing national acts, and we especially love the ones that support the local music scene.
There are so many outdoor amphitheaters around the country such as the mighty Red Rocks that are hallowed ground to the masses of music nerds like me. We are all so ardently trying to save venues like the Exit In from being destroyed, that a story like this one is a breath of fresh air.
This one here, The Shawnee Cave Amphitheater many of you may have never heard of until now. I have done a little research this week, and this venue does indeed have a truly rich history both locally and nationally. Even though it is only 200 miles away, I , like everyone else never had the opportunity to go there…..until now.
See, unlike the many iconic venues being bought and demolished by corporate greed for motels, THIS VENUE was in fact BROUGHT BACK. The new owners are so very proud to have spent a plethora of time and energy into buying this venue in 2004.
Originally built in 1969, this stage and natural environment built into a cavern side hosted a then 15 year old Tanya Tucker, as well as other bands into the 90s and 2000s. After it’s glory days and all of it’s life had been gone, it went into foreclosure.
The venue was purchased and set to launch around 2019 before all of the corona virus and other major life events happened. They took the time from being closed due to the pandemic, to complete further renovations to the venue and build further accommodations to provide service for shows like this one on Memorial Day weekend.
Yeah it is true, we have been tracking and making news on hundreds of festivals all over America, I finally stumbled upon this one set up for Memorial Day weekend. It features some pretty darn good acts on this two day bill, with many of the acts to play a separate set each night.
We are going to highlight many of the things that come with your ticket price, and what you can and cannot do here for this 2 day outdoor camping event.

Are there any age restrictions?
All ages are welcome! Children under six gain free admission to the event. Children 6-12 years of age are half price, at the gate only.

Is the venue seating area in an actual cave?
The venue is not in an underground cave but it is adjacent to a roughly 100’ tall sandstone rock formation.The stage is underneath the overhang and the venue seating is open air.

What time is the shuttle?
4pm daily for VIP and 5 for GA.

Is there re-entry?
Once attendees are in the venue there is no re-entry with few exceptions.

Are there any provisions for handicapped?
Yes, please contact ahead of time to arrange accommodations.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is allowed in designated areas but please be considerate of your neighbors. Security may ask you to refrain from smoking if it bothers those around you.

What should I bring in with me?
Shawnee Cave Amphitheater is an outdoor music amphitheater that is a rain or shine event venue. Please bring a jacket, sunscreen, appropriate walking shoes, and bug spray. All items carried into the venue are subject to be searched by venue security. No food or beverage are allowed in the venue area!

What time do the event gates open?
12-3pm camping check in
3pm daily for VIP
5pm for General Admission Day users

What time should we arrive?

We encourage everyone to arrive early and allow enough time to get situated in your group’s personal area before the show begins.

Are Flow toys allowed?

Flow toys are allowed as long as they stay within the borders of your dedicated group space and are used safely, not bothering or endangering anyone in (or out of) your party. Note- keep fire toys at home.

What forms of payment do we accept?

Credit Card and Cash payments will be accepted with onsite ATMs.


Are masks required? 

Guests are required to provide and wear their own facemasks. The State of Illinois has a mask policy in effect, we will have a zero-tolerance policy on this. Anyone not following this rule will be asked to put on a mask or leave the venue.

What steps are being taken to enforce social distancing, & safe dancing?
We are selling LIMITED CAPACITY tickets to ensure people can spread out and properly distance both in the venue area and the campground.  Upon arrival, a staff member will take guests temperatures, administer the COVID health screening, and explain the process verbally to guests. Staff will then give guests the Welcome Handout.

Guests are encouraged to show up with their party. Please limit any trips outside of your groups personal area to restroom needs and quick merchandise or concession visits. No congregating in other patron’s spaces.

6-foot markers will be placed in these approved common areas such as concessions, merch and restrooms.

5 Ambassadors will be throughout the venue to observe, remind, and facilitate our COVID safety standards.


Can I buy a VIP upgrade at the venue?
Upgrades at the venue will be available until VIP packages are sold out.

What does The Rock VIP weekend experience ticket include?
*Closest viewing area for audience at the Cave Venue
*Early Venue Access beginning at 3pm
*Unlimited Access to The Rock- Shawnee Cave’s main stage VIP Lounge
*Exclusive Access to VIP Viewing Area at Main Stage
*Private VIP Comfort Stations
*$10 in Shawnee Cave merchandise money
*Shuttle Priority Pass
What does single day VIP upgrade tickets include?
*Closest viewing area for audience at the Cave Venue
*Early Venue Access beginning at 3pm
Unlimited Access to The Rock- Shawnee *Cave’s main stage VIP Lounge
*Exclusive Access to VIP Viewing Area at Main Stage

Private VIP Comfort Stations
$5 in Shawnee Cave merchandise money
Shuttle Priority Pass

What are Comfort Stations?
The Rock VIP Lounge is equipped with comfort stations that include private restroom facilities, concessions vendors, and cocktail tables.


Shawnee Cave Amphitheater is proud to announce our onsite camping area.

Kids 6 and under are free. 6-12 1/2 price at the door
Each person in your party will need a camping pass for each night
If you are upgrading to an RV spot, only one RV upgrade will be needed per RV

Is the upper camping area walkable to the venue area?
Yes, there is a walkable path for folks who wish to walk down to the venue area.  We will also be utilizing a shuttle to help those with mobility limitations, to better control the crowd, as well as provide shuttle services for VIP patrons.

What is the layout of the campground?
Our primitive campground area is in an open field with properly spaced campsites in order to meet COVID safety guidelines.

Are you allowed to drive out of the campground and leave the property?
If you purchased a camping bundle, you will be allowed to leave and re-enter the campground area between the hours of 9-5pm. After 5pm no vehicle will be allowed to enter or exit the campground area. If you have a camping package and you wish to re-enter the venue after 5pm you will be directed to park in GA parking.

Are generators allowed?
Yes, if the exhaust is properly ventilated.

Is there swimming on the property?
No swimming on property. Check out Cedar Lake Beach or Lake Kinkaid for more information about local swimming areas

Is there water and electricity?
Primitive camping and primitive RV. No water and electric hook ups.

Is there hiking on site?
We currently do not have any hiking trails on property, but the Shawnee National Forest borders our property and has ample hiking opportunities that range in difficulty levels to accommodate your groups abilities.

Are dogs allowed?
Dogs are not allowed in the venue area.   If you have an RV upgrade and a way to secure your dog inside your RV during show it would be permitted in the campground as long as it was on leash at all times when outside the RV.

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