My good buddy Mr. Brandon Atwell has released a new video filmed by another friend of mine Mr. Cody Meeks from Outhouse Etiquette.  He comes from Three Springs Kentucky, and has been a friend of mine personally for many years.

Filmed & Edited by Cody Meek. Original Song by myself. Video taken at my families farm. Opening (Spoken Portion) regarding Hart County taken from ‘On Homesickness’ written by my friend Jesse Donaldson. Thank you to everyone supporting independent music. Thank you for listening!

You know people this life is indeed hectic and FAST, as I write this I’m shacked up in a hotel in south Georgia, having worked for Mr. Cody Jinks in Florida last night. I got a nine hour drive, and I have to STOP and do a radio interview at 3PM. So YOU tell ME….are we truly hanging by a thread?

I JUST DO NOT get to see everyone as often as I’d like to, but I DO get to shoot him a Happy Birthday or a HELLO sometimes. I’m deeply sorry it took me so long to catch up to him, but I did, and YOU should check out his music. He is the REAL DEAL folks, he won’t sugarcoat a damn thing. He is a father, just like me and he is proud of his daughter just like I am, and he represents the working man better than any of those mainstream fools you see on T.V.

You can reach out to him on Facebook and social media for inquiries on booking shows or future show dates, as he is slowly re gaining steam to perform again.

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