Well you have heard me speak of Muddy Roots many times, last week they made a huge announcement. Now I just finished my coverage of their main festival in Cookeville and I am doing prep work for next year’s Nashville Boogie which you will hear about soon. And as always I shall help them promote the Spring Weekender in Indiana.

But just recently the CEO of Muddy Roots, Jason Galaz announced that he has been booking shows for the Nashville Palace. He remained quiet about this project for a little while as he is booking for the main festival and promoting other things. He is working VERY HARD to bring real music to town, I’ll be covering one of the shows and in fact, I’ll be celebrating my birthday at this show!

On December 12th Muddy Roots and The Nashville Palace presents The Riders In The Sky as they perform Christmas The Cowboy Way. Folks this will be the classic lineup of Woody Paul, Too Slim, Ranger Doug Green and Joey Mesculin.

These four goofballs will be performing their trail songs and western comedy routines for us all evening, along with some classic Christmas songs in their true classic western fashion. These guys have been Opry favorites for many many years and have pretty much had a big role in my raising from youth.

Now the next week to follow at the Nashville Palace another show will follow. This one will feature Del McCoury Band and The Tillers. You can purchase tickets for THIS event HERE.

BOTH of these acts performed really good sets this past year at the Muddy Roots main festival and I’ll tell you what The Tillers released their new album “Hand On The Plow” off Muddy Roots Records label, and their song ‘Willy Dear” is one of the most well written songs I have heard in some time now.

So JOIN ME on my birthday (which is officially on November 29th) celebration at the Nashville Palace with Riders In The Sky!

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