You know folks last night I was finishing up my Muddy Roots coverage and I received an email from a reader and they had a truly good point. It was quite diplomatic and helped me to understand something…I made a terrible mistake and I’m not perfect. I got so wrapped up into the music and the bands that played I failed to mention some of the other people that helped make Muddy Roots possible and such a worthwhile festival. The whole day I dwelled upon this subject and I must honestly say I had no intention of insulting anyone nor did I do it on purpose, but I believe I made a mistake and for that I apologize to everyone involved. I know it was after the fact and I didn’t realize it on my own and I cannot go back and change that.

It’s actually helpful to have someone kick you in the butt once in a while and when you do this kind of work you need to be able to scold and criticize yourself to help yourself become better. And I forgot to mention some people that have always been very nice to me. I did mention Cracker Swamp Productions but not in the fashion they deserve for what they do.

Those folks got down to the festival two days early to set up and to help get the festival grounds ready for us to enjoy. I remember when Muddy Roots released Hard Soil the film about Roots Music, Nix drove down here from Michigan to support the film and drove back home the same damn night!

They helped make possible the Nashville Boogie and did a great job booking the Cracker Swamp Stage, and you can read my coverage of Lou Shields HERE along with Joshua Morningstar. I also covered the County Graves (who I wish was staying together) because they truly did a wonderful set.

I forgot my pal Ronnie Reels that runs Reelsound Productions this man works MAGIC on stage 1..I mean if it weren’t for him my TOP 3 acts would have not sounded so damn good. He works HARD at what he does and is always on top of things up there, and even let my good buddy A.J. Hancock from Diamondback Stringworks visit in the tower with him. Mr. Ronnie runs the sound at the Nashville Boogie and more! I mean the man works for Iron Maiden how baddassed is that?

Sugarlands Distilling Company provided the artists with an air conditioned tent that weekend because I’m telling you it WAS HOT! Nice folks out there that helped put on this festival as well.

The heart of the matter is pretty much not that I am just trying to be a part of any scene or look cool, I’m just a simple ordinary music fan with a nickel and dime website for a hobby. It’s NOT intended to push anything or anyone in a political fashion but I made an error and this was the only way I could attempt to rectify the situation. Simply because I care enough to try, that’s all I can say and all I can ask of myself.

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