Some of my good friends in the mid west region of Indiana that attend festivals like John Hartford Memorial Festival ( which is currently slated to still happen in October 2020 ) introduced me to these two fine individuals whom call themselves The Hammer And The Hatchet.

There is a plethora of outstanding local music on the forefront of Indiana and Illinois, and there are many festivals that happen in that area, that offer this band a place at their table to serve up heaping helpings of their original folk type roots music they play.

They recently released their third album, with this being their very first release on vinyl, ergo that makes this release a big milestone for their growth and foundation. I have indeed ran into Miss Jayme Hood  and Mr. John Bowyer at last year’s Hagfest, and I got to watch them online at this year’s livestream.

All thirteen songs on here were written by them both, and the Reverend Peyton appears on the ninth song called ‘Soil And Stone”. I am going to be reviewing this album very soon, and including it on this article later this week. So stay tuned for this one and many more!

  1. Bowling Green Snow
  2. Back Me Up Emmy Lou
  3. Get Bent
  4. Insomnia Song
  5. Bailey’s Small Engine Repair
  6. Tinfoil Rings
  7. My Heart
  8. Dove’s Bill
  9. Soil And Stone
  10. Choices
  11. Ferris Hill Massacre
  12. Our Bleeding Hearts
  13. South Of Hope
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