Well folks I arrived at Outlaw Fest Saturday morning early for this man’s set
and I want to thank Mr. Buck and my Rusty Knuckles neighbors for keeping
all my free soaps and shampoos all night.
My website gave out three rubbermaid tubs of free stuff to ALL festival patrons
for bathroom needs all weekend.

I got there in time to do some work at the tent while we sold merch for Country Legends
Billie Gant and Tom Ghent.
We had so many people hanging out eating chili and telling stories and
various other stuff in the Garyhayescountry.com tent.

Brandon Atwell And The Broken Ground officially released their first album
in my merch tent at noon on saturday.
I was bouncing back and forth doing both the merch tables and covering the stage
I’m just glad they was close after I slid and twisted my knee out..but that didnt happen
until after his set.

He started his set with “A Long Year” (eating xanex bars). And I’ll tell you THIS ONE is
my personal favorite song on the album.
I first heard it at the Spillway when they opened for Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies.
His next songs were “Hello Louisville” and “Never Go Back Home”.

Every song on the album is good, and original accept for “Life To Go” which was written
by George Jones and Stonewall Jackson and “Unclouded Day” which is pretty much Public Domain
but it’s believed to be written by Josiah Alwood around 1885.
It’s from the era of Uncle Am who was known as Ambrose Gaines.

“Country Lonely And Stoned” was another song I really liked off this album.
And I’ll tell you this…this album was recorded at HOME in Kentucky.
This is no major recording and it sounds better than some studio albums I
have heard!

As I previously mentioned “Unclouded Day” was a song in the setlist he did
that was really good.
“Bridge I’d Like To Burn” and to be honest I’m not sure what they closed the set with.
As I was probably selling shirts and CD’s.

Mr. Brandon came by later and hung out with us all and we was having fun with
Big G Gordon Ames and Billie Gant who also released an album this day.

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