Last night Miss Amanda Carlon from the Facebook based Outlaw Resurgence community reached out to me to help support a HUGE endeavor she has been undertaking to benefit a young man awaiting a heart transplant. OR has garnered quite an impressive following on social media in the last year, and has turned me to a couple GREAT bands through their live feeds. As the market became more saturated OR saw that, and slightly changed their approach and direction, but THEY WERE one of the original LIVE FEED based pages. I pretty much credit them solely for that method of weekly featuring new talent on a live feed, and creating a larger reach for them. The artists resulted in merch sales, which squelched the ‘playing for exposure” from the negative people.

They do a lot of great promotional work for beginning and established artists as well, and this weekend they will raise money for this little man here. This is little 8 year old Mr. Aaron Vaughn, and he is braver than most adults I know. The next time you feel like bitching about your problems, take lessons from this little guy and put yourself in check…because I have myself.

This is the Facebook group you can join to follow his journey in the home and hospitals as he awaits his heart transplant. He is on the list, however the list is long and the wait will be expensive. Miss Amanda has been working relentlessly for MANY WEEKS doing this for him, and asking for NO credit.

What she DOES want is your bids on the items so generously donated by folks like Mr. Cody Jinks, Mr. Whitey Morgan and more! You will just have to wait until Sunday to find out what is being offered. I understand that many of the items will be lumped into small merch packages to make it easier for her.

Once you win the bid you will be contacted to Payapal Mr. Chad Vaughn’s personal account, and the winner will pay the shipping for the item they win. Down below will be the link you need to be involved in the auction this weekend.

Any cards or mail can be sent to:

Aaron Vaughn
P.O. Box 153
East Lynne, MO 64743

This young man LOVES underground Country Music and his father Mr. Chad Vaughn travels the highways of America bringing us his music, so you can easily ascertain the struggle that the Vaughn family faces.  This is the link to bid on the merch items RIGHT HERE.

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