I tell you what folks I will make this article brief and helpful, as I shall be sharing this AND direct links to the Gofundme account for Mr. Mikey Dehlin AKA Mikey Classic. Mr. Mikey is the frontman for the band the Goddamn Gallows which is a great band that I feature on here frequently. They are currently overseas playing the final portions of their biggest tour ever when Mr. Mikey’s home back in America caught on fire.

I First heard early yesterday early morning via social media that he got a text from his landlord that Friday evening his Chicago apartment was totally engulfed and all of his belongings are gone besides what he has with him on tour. In many cases I am not too hip on Gofundme but in an instance such as this I think the young lady that set this up should be commended and I plan to contribute on my next payday.


This band has always been very good to me and has always been kind enough to allow my website to feature their shows and their music. Their shows are always very energetic and high octane. I strongly urge each and every one of you to share this and help any way you can.

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