If you are like me you moved here to bring your music and your songs to “Music City U.S.A.”
or you came here to study Country Music’s history.
Perhaps you came to study at one of it’s fine schools or to admire it’s
historical places and people.

Country Music in a nutshell didn’t really originate here in Nashville.
Some say it started in Chicago…and somewhat that’s an accurate statement.
Some say it came from Appalachian regions of America and some say it came from
“nooks and crannies” of America or even churches and front porches.

Wherever you personally claim or believe it came from it is up to US
to decide where it’s headed.
THAT IS one of the reasons I started this website folks. I don’t make any
money off doing any of this, this all comes from my heart and my brain.
I don’t personally care if tens of thousands of people read my articles
I’ll write them as long as I’m alive…because I love to.
My heart lies within Country Music and Nashville, and one piece of
Nashville is in jeopardy and that why the page Save Printer’s Alley is so crucial.

To some fighting and preserving Country Music means analyzing pop country
and attacking it, or helping to promote those that do this.
To some it means supporting local community and local bands and small
venues working for tips.
Whatever your version of preserving Country Music MINE IS becoming involved
with causes like this one.

There is currently a political proposal that could close several businesses around
the historical Printer’s Alley district of Downtown Nashville to make way for a new
“boutique” hotel.
The four targeted buildings include the former Utopia Hotel building — which features
the Downtown Cleaners and strip club Brass Stables as tenants — and the vacant space
above the businesses. It also includes the buildings that house Lonnie’s Western Room
and Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar on the Printers Alley side and the buildings that are home
to Taste of Italy Pizza, Santorini Greek Restaurant and Kebab Gyros on the Fourth Avenue side.

The website says “progress” seems to be slowly erasing the very things that made
Nashville the city that it is today…I AGREE!
I think Opry Mills ruined Opryland in it’s own right, I still patronize both places
but if I had my choice Opryland would be here again.

You can buy these shirts at the Fiddle And Steel Guitar Bar
in the Alley and you can sign the petition that is in circulation.
I’ll be soon taking the opportunity to purchase one and make MY voice heard!

Friends we CANNOT LET this happen and we CANNOT LET our precious historical
Country Music background die.
I will include several more links so you can study this issue further like
THIS TENNESSEAN article that started the whole
Save Printer’s Alley movement.
They want to make Printer’s Alley another Green Hills!

Nashville Scene
Fox 17 News
News Channel 5
More Fox 17 News

Folks you can click on the above link and purchase a shirt and add your
Let’s keep this part of historic downtown HISTORIC for our children and
grandchildren so they have the opportunity to also remember where
Country Music thrives and the heart of it beats.

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