First off my dear readers this boxed set called “Genuine The Alan Jackson Story” was released last year in November and I bought it right away. Some how it got thrown into my pile of albums I haven’t checked out yet and I finally got to listen to it. As you already know his latest album “Angels and Alcohol” ended up being my number ONE album in my Top 50 Albums Of 2015.

Alan Jackson has always been a stellar go-to album for me whatever it was, his over 25 year career has been extremely influential in my life as a songwriter and a listener. I mean the man just stands there and sings, he doesn’t sing..he SINGS. He doesn’t need to blow up stuff or swing on ropes to make the people holler for more!

However this three disc set has some unreleased songs and one of them called “Born Too Late” made me pull my truck over on my home form work and cry. It was probably one of the the top four most powerful songs I have ever heard in my life and it reminded me that I too…was born too late. These modern times today befuddle me in many ways, I don’t understand things people do everyday. I mean if you ask WHY I like certain things I can easily go in depth and tell you WHY I like them, a while back I saw this gal in a black top that said “Love Pink” so I asked her WHY is it black if she loves pink? She replied I don’t know it’s just what people wear…I asked Who makes you wear it? I mean these people have NO reasons or answers to their lives.

This song was wrote in the late 80’s with Randy Travis and for some reason it was shelved until now. From my research it was originally intended to be included one one of his first three albums and never was. I’m truly glad he included it in this box set because it was truly one his best songs.

This set comes complete with many bells and whistles like a full color 57 page booklet and full poster. Three discs choked full of his most well known hits from all of his albums and 8 bonus unreleased tracks we have never heard.
50 songs on all three discs total fill this box set with Alan Jackson goodness and is sold exclusively at Wal Mart.

1. Blue Blooded Woman
2. Here In The Real World
3. Wanted
4. Chasin That Neon Rainbow
5. I’d Love You All Over Again
6. Don’t Rock The Jukebox
7. Someday
8. Dallas
9. Midnight In Montgomery
10. Love’s Got A Hold On You
11. She’s Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues)
12. Tonight I Climbed The Wall
13. Chattahoochee
14. Mercury Blues
15. (Who Says) You Can’t Have It All
16. Summertime Blues
17. Gone Country
18. Born Too Late
19. If Tears Could Talk
20. Seven Bridges Road LIVE
21. Livin On Love
22. I Don’t Even Know Your Name
23. Tall Tall Trees
24. I’ll Try
25. Home
26. Little Bitty
27. Who’s Cheatin Who
28. There Goes
29. Between The Devil And Me
30. A House With No Curtains
31. I’ll Go On Loving You
32. Right On The Money
33. Gone Crazy
34. Little Man
35. Pop A Top
36. The Blues Man
37. It Must Be Love
38. Wing
39. Seguro Que Hell Yes
40. The Star Spangled Banner
41. Where I Come From
42. When Somebody Loves You
43. Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning)
44. Drive (For Daddy Gene)
45. Work In Progress
46. That’d Be Alright
47. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere With Jimmy Buffett
48. Remember When
49. Too Much Of A Good Thing
50. Monday Morning Church
51. Like Red On A Rose
52. A Woman’s Love
53. Small Town Southern Man
54. Good Time
55. Country Boy
56. Sissy’s Song
57. As She’s Walking Away Zac Brown Band Featuring Alan Jackson
58. Love Is Hard
59. Ain’t Just A Southern Thing

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