Folks it’s not everyday I get to report on crossover Legends!
I spent quite a bit of time studying Jerry Lee Lewis and the Sun Records
pioneers of Sam Phillips from days of old.

In reality You would think Ray Price originally cut the song “Crazy Arms”
that was wrote by Ralph Mooney (I get steered off track easy).
But Jerry Lee Lewis also cut the song in 1956 and it sold only 300,000 copies.
Both artists cut the song the same year.

After the national scandal about his marriage his mainstream success
plummeted but he kept on going and was determined to bounce back.

I could write an article longer than my arm about this man
and nowadays his shows are just as good as they were years ago.
Jerry is known for energetic live shows even in his age they are
still known for being pretty rowdy.

Now I can tell you THIS: HE IS the last surviving member of
Sam Phillips “Million Dollar Quartet”. Which consisted of
Johnny Cash,Carl Perkins,Roy Orbison and Elvis.

He is cousins with Country Legend Mikey Gilley and TV Evangelist
Jimmy Swaggart who he actually did buy a car for once.

On saturday October 4rth the Ryman Auditorium will
welcome Jerry Lee Lewis as he plays a FULL CONCERT
for us.

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