Well folks by now I’m sure EVERY Country Music website around the globe along with every other media outlet has already reported the news concerning the Country Music Hall Of Fame inductees of 2016. I also shared with you the live stream this morning, and I would like to THANK everyone that watched it either on my site or through wherever.

But I’ll be honest, I like to do things a little bit differently than others. I’m not so much into “reporting” the news I like to share things and listen to other people share theirs. I watched in tears of joy as Miss Brenda Lee did a wonderful job of emceeing this event and when it was through, we learned that Fred Foster, Charlie Daniels, and Randy Travis all were granted Country Music’s highest accolade.

Now mind you, YES there were my personal favorites I wanted to see inducted as well..and the fight rages on and rages on about who deserves it more. The fact is we aren’t the CMA panels that voted and elect the members, we are fans and collectors and music lovers. Sometimes you have no control over things however I’ll be honest, I thought they were decent choices.


January 19th, 2008 at the Grand Ole Opry…like Billy Don Burns song says “I Was There”. I attended the Opry the night Charlie Daniels was inducted and I was very happy for him, I felt he deserved to be a member. Since then he HAS been one of the few that is TRULY playing his Opry dates and more. I feel that even more so now we will be able to visit the Opry and see Charlie Daniels the way the Opry was intended to be..a “home” to see him when he is road weary and closing in on retiring from that life.

He HAS indeed put in his time as an artist and given us many albums to enjoy and many memories to share and even still today he burns up stages all over the world, and holds dear the service men and women all over the world. It’s always been an honor to be a fan and I hope he continues his Opry respect and Volunteer Jam.

Randy Travis, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? A true shining star of my youth from a very prominent period of the fade of Outlaw Country into the 80’s. I LOVE the period of Country Music Randy is from, along with the people of his ilk the likes of Ricky Van Shelton and The Judds.

A fighter a very strong fighter to overcome such demons, personal roadblocks and twists. Before one can truly judge another man make sure you are perfect, although “On The Other Hand” it is normal for us to scold past actions. In my opinion Randy Travis and the 80’s and 90’s stars are the last of the MAJOR contributors for a craft that is fading in mainstream music…songwriters.

TRUE there are SOME mainstream albums garnishing hits for writes as Tony Stampley still proves on Hank Williams Jr’s new album but sadly the Jerry Fosters and Dallas Frazier days are dwindling. And it’s sad because half the FUN of collecting vinyl is seeing those names on the label sticker. Piecing together the big puzzle of people like Felice and Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant who wrote many of the Everly Brothers hits and our Tennessee State song “Rocky Top”.

Fred Foster was a name that I did eagerly reckon I would hear nominated one day, I appreciate his production work on early Dolly Parton albums like “Dumb Blonde” and the likes of those. A man that took his life’s savings and risked it all to buy Monument Records in the 1950’s right after the death of Country Music’s bombshell artist Hank Williams.

He produced all of the Roy Orbison songs we so dearly love and have never forgotten and has produced albums for so many artists if I named them all I would be up until 6AM. He co-wrote “Me And Bobby McGee” which became one of Kristofferson’s most beloved hits.

I thought they were decent choices as a Country Music fan, and that’s pretty much all I really am…but the neat thing that remains is “I Was There”.

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