Well folks most of you know that THIS website has and will always hold steel guitarists in high regard in every way and I’m quite sure that many other websites will not pay attention to this overlooked Legend or his contributions to Country Music. And I also intend to share with you some thing I have studied about Chubby Howard in the past.

On September 5th in Saint Louis Missouri, Chubby Howard will be inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame and he will be included into the ranks of people like Don Helms and Kayton Roberts.

Chubby Howard is a walking encyclopedia of Country Music history and shares it with everyone he come in contact with and he does that in the Ohio area on Classic Country Music radio. On the first Sunday of every month he broadcasts live from Tudor’s Biscuit World where he plays with guests and plays REAL Country Music.

He also DJ’s on weekends on WBZI Classic Country Radio in Southwestern Ohio and is one of the very few stations officially labeled “Classic Country” and it actually features music from the 50’s thru the 90’s. He often tells stories of his recording sessions and his love for the Legends. I idolize this man for many reasons and his knowledge is one of them. The other reason is his involvement with Boxcar Willie for several years in the 80’s.

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