Let’s shoot back to 2010 when Myspace was diminishing facebook was on the rise and this type of music I feature was blooming. I was learning more and more about Red Dirt coming out of Texas and Oklahoma, this outlet was the first place I learned of people like Cody Canada, Randy Rogers, Josh Ward and Bri Bagwell. It was run by a gal named Katie Key, and it came from Houston at the Texas Music Chart Headquarters. So THIS IS directly from Texas Music Pickers Website:

Many an artist stopped in to the Texas Music Chart world headquarters in Houston including: Randy Rogers Band, Josh Ward, Cody Johnson, Bonnie Bishop, and Bri Bagwell!  (You can see those interviews and performances here: www.texasmusicchart.com/Pages/cca.htm.)   One of my favorites was this one with Cody Canada:

 I left the Texas Music Chart in 2014 and the Cluttered Corner went on for two more years, hosted by the late great Ed Shane and his wife Pam Shane.

I’ve always wanted to bring it back and now I have that opportunity!  The Cluttered Corner is coming back better than ever!  Same great Texas/Red Dirt/Country music artist interviews and performances but recorded in a new location: Coals Smokehouse!  Real Content Solutions will be the company handling all production.  The finished videos will be shared on www.TexasMusicPickers.com, www.KeyMusicNews.com and www.TexasMusicChart.com, as well as other social media outlets.

We’re currently looking for segment sponsors who are interested in getting their company in front of 50,000-70,000 viewers each month, and offer a variety of packages to best suit your company’s needs!  For more information on these sponsorship opportunities, contact us at TexasMusicPickers@gmail.com.

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