Well unless you’ve been under a rock or something you might have noticed the up rise of a young prodigy with a distinct southern drawl form east Tennessee named Emi Sunshine. I first heard of her at a R.O.P.E gathering last year and I was seated next to Keith Bilbrey who was hosting, and I looked at him and he looked at me and we both smiled and nodded our heads in complete delight. Not only at her talent but toward the fact youth has a REAL representative to look up to from a music standpoint at least. I’m not saying people like Taylor Swift are bad young adults because she’s VERY generous, but let’s face it folks she isn’t going around singing Jimmie Rogers like Emi does!

Backed with her family band in tow she displays a TRUE passionate LOVE for the Opry and what it represents to those that REALLY LOVE Country Music. She’s been appearing more times than some of the Opry’s prominent “Members” that use it for promoting a new album rather than WANTING to be on it. You can just FEEL her passion for that sound, and that sense of down home tradition.

November 7th Mr. Clay Campbell brings Emi Sunshine to the Kentucky Opry in Draffenville Kentucky for the first time (that I am aware of). And this WILL BE an all ages show, and folks take my word for it..THIS IS a darn fine venue.

I do not always promote shows at this amount of excitement but this one you do NOT WANT to miss, because to see and hear her perform in a venue of this magnitude is simply awesome. I am well pleased with their decision to present her to this area, and I look forward to her show every time I can catch her set.

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