Well this weekend is the two year anniversary of the Outlaws And Icons festival weekend in Altamont Tennessee and that means it’s my two year anniversary of re-launching my website! That’s right folks I have been at this “job” for five years total but this is my second year on this format.

In that two years I have brought my website to 16 states and have covered hundreds of shows. I have featured many many bands and songwriters and have brought exposure to many new artists and old ones I stumbled upon. I have developed promotional plans for local shows in my weekly article I update that features local venues as well as national acts.

I have literally met thousands of venue owners, booking people, and festival directors and have been blessed enough to be able to promote their shows and make profit off my work without taking ANYTHING from the folks I feature. I THEN TAKE that profit and invest it BACK INTO the music I get it from through door fees, merchandise sales, hotel travel and more. I have handed out hundreds of my popular “road bags” to artists that travel, including toothpaste and soap, shampoo and shave cream for the folks I know travel 365 days a year.

I have been saying this for years to those of you who love local music and the national music that is not over produced or watered down bullshit, if we do not INVEST into that music it will not and CANNOT flourish and grow.
If we do not share it with others and expose others to it..the media sure the hell won’t. Many people will not even know about the great talent that lies within the halls of Nashville and other cities in this great country.

Joshua Morningstar has been a true friend of this website for the entire two years I have been under operation. He’s been featured at over 6 festivals on this website and countless house shows on here. I have been honored to have been part of his life, his sobriety and his growth as an artist.

He played Douglass Corner Lounge last night as many of his heros…hell OUR HEROS have cut their teeth on, and as he opened his set with “Say Goodbye” as a solo act along with “March To The Gallows” he acknowledged his respect for the venue before he went into Billie Gant’s song “The Night That I Shot Rueben Dixon Down”.

He brought Jeremy Pittman along with his awesome looking “Buck It” upright bass, whom you might remember from Crooked Smile Music Festival during my coverage of Husky Burnette. Mr. Jeremy has performed with many local acts like Hank 3 and more!


“Talk To Me Texas” was next before his favorite song Lefty Frizzell sang and wrote with Whitey Shafer “I Never Go around Mirrors”. He then played his cover of Ernest Tubb’s “Drivin Nails In My Coffin” but the song he perofrmed last night that garnished the greatest reaction from the crowd was “As Long As You Ain’t Coming Back”.

His first single form his Little Class Records new release “Motel Madness” was next followed by his usual song he closes ALL sets with the Hank Williams classic “I Saw The Light”.

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