Hello folks, greetings from the Nashville Palace as I shall be covering this whole weekend event from Muddy Roots called the Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender. Now for those of you who are new to my music website THANK YOU for checking me out and PLEASE SHARE what I do on social media, I put a LOT of personal work into this website and spend most of my life researching and covering live music and it’s history. I cover and support thousands of independent and local bands, and I support many national acts as well.

Muddy Roots does many things for the music industry and performers alike and it hosts MANY events nationwide and NOW Europe and Brazil, and is rapidly growing every year. You know in late 2014 Mr. Jason shared with me his tiny vision of starting a rockabilly festival and asked for my input. To be honest I was sort of weak in the rockabilly department back then, but I do think I helped some. I have attended every main Muddy Roots festival in Cookeville to date and one Spring Weekender, and this is the second annual Nashville Boogie at Opryland.

Man I tell you what the Palace has me set up nice over here with pretty much all what I need to jam on this job here, and as long as I have this I can write and report as it happens with all the music and whatnot. There’s MORE than JUST music here…there’s a car show and dancing lessons, fashion shows and MUCH MORE than last year. I’m looking forward to the record convention Sunday because I NEED more records, right? Right. And to top it all off Sunday night they take over the Opry house with Chris Isaak and Woody Pines, more on that later. The Palace has always been good to me and has always supported what I do on here and of course it’s a top choice of venues for me of music and food.

So this project will be the usual fashion I cover festivals…in parts broken up by days of events. The first day of the event is always fully at the Palace while they prepare the Opryland Convention Center for the event, and this year there are TWO stages in the Opryland Center. Also there is transportation between the Palace and the Hotel this year. Last year some of the side stages were in other places so we shall see how this year has changed..I’m already excited for some music.


There was Rockabilly dancing from Ms. Wolff’s Jiving School where they were learning to do something I never have been able to do..dance. I can write a mean article about music and tell you that George Morgan died in 1975 but I cannot dance!


The very first music act tonight is A Man Called Stu who has just returned from some overseas dates and if you’ll remember I covered his set with Dallas Moore at Exit Inn not long ago. I been excited to see him again and get to see him play again. He opened his set with some classic Hank Williams “Ramblin Man” and followed up with “Baby Of Mine”. This was a very strong traditional Country laced set with good old fashioned steel guitar work and had the place jumping early.

He played a Charlie Louvin song called “See The Big Man Cry Mama” and also played one called “Jungle Fever” by Charlie Feathers. One can certainly see the influence of roots within Mr. Stu whether it’s the first time you have saw him or if you have saw him a million times one can easily tell as he played “One Woman Man” and the Faron Young classic “If You Aint Living”. Right now he is playing a song from his former band Zombie Ghost Train called “Gone”. He is truly doing a super fine job down here of kicking off this festival in a classic country fashion and I’m ready for more great music as he closed his set with “Unmitigated Gall”.

The next act I’ll be covering tonight is a fellow I been wanting to cover for some time now named Julian Davis and honestly I believe I have the young man on my stage in Kansas City at another festival so let’s see what he brings to the table here tonight. He recorded an album this year on Little Class Records and I just stopped by his area and purchased it.


This young man is deeply enriched in roots of Country and Western Swing and for his age at sixteen this young man POUNDS on the guitar..in fact he just broke a string like he said he would. Doesn’t matter man this guy is BURNING UP the stage. All the talk about him is true he is amazing, and I’m upset I haven’t ever got to cover him yet but better late than never.

He began the set with a song off his album called “Secret Garden” and his entire band is doing a truly terrific job up there just ripping solos and jumping around like nuts. Folks this is one of the youngest prodigies I have seen since Emi Sunshine and Colter Wall. His set included the ever popular “Freeborn Man” but I’m telling you with his lightning fast picking this was not a cover…it was amazing. Simply thunderous and fast.

The Bluegrass infused “Miss Molly” was another truly awesome song and he followed that with “Cocaine Blues” which he did pretty good on. He played an original song called ‘Last Scrap”, and now he played a fast paced song he wrote when he was only twelve called “Special Delivery” which is full of amazing guitar solos. This man plays better than some twice his age for absolute certain. You can’t beat entertainment like this folks it doesn’t come around that often in a package like this, his many different influences ring true during his set.

After a huge fast paced instrumental piece he played a Merle Haggard tune called “Honky Tonk Night Time Man” which showcased the fiddle player very well, this band played better than some four and five piece bands I have covered before. He is playing a popular song Pokey Lafarge plays”Whats The Matter With The Mill” and is playing “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms”. Honestly he closed his set with a bluegrass version of Motorhead’s “Ace Of Spades”, in a killer fiddle induced version of a song the likes of Stump Tail Dolly which left this place screaming!


The Farmer And Adele is a Western Swing band here tonight that has folks dancing all over the place, VERY fun band. Really nice steel guitar solos and mandolin on songs like Patsy Cline’s “Back In Baby’s Arms” and the ever popular “Back In The Saddle Again”.


Very fun crowd interaction with their song “Saddle Up Song”, and “Cowtown Boogie” they did a wonderful job of keeping us entertained tonight here at the Palace. What an eventful night so far and heck the main events haven’t taken place yet, we still have a TON of big music to take place all over Opryland this weekend.

Right now they are playing “Gone Gone Gone” off one of their albums, and one thing I’d like to point out about their merch booth is they have sheet music for their songs available. Not many bands have that indeed and I’m enjoying the nostalgia here with this band for sure, what a nice fit here tonight. I think Mr. Jason has truly put together a nice lineup here so far and I haven’t been to the hotel area yet. They also played “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” and some instrumental pieces laced with that good old steel guitar, which to my delight has been the norm tonight and I expect nothing less from Muddy Roots events.

“Home on The Range” among other classic western songs fill this bands catalogue of material with their Riders In The Sky fashion of playing with Western comedy and swing twang, in fact the song they are playing right now was recorded and wrote with Ranger Doug Green and it’s called “Open Door”, and they closed their set with a song called “Sundown Song”.

Incredible turnout here tonight as the evening progresses I’m quite impressed in the amount of income this festival is bringing to my local economy and THAT folks is quite important to me. This event is helping Nashville thrive in fact it is surpassing corporate events and THAT is a major punch in their face.


Kristina Murray and Logan Ledger are next and together they have some terrific harmonies and are doing duet songs quite well. They opened their set with “If I Could Only Win Your Love” and another popular song “Just Someone I Used To Know”. Along with the last few acts I have never featured them before, but it’s not an act I would ever overlook. Another damn fine act with great fiddle and steel guitars once again playing some truly good Country Music.

“Brand New Heartache” is what they are playing now and it has a great dancing rhythm that is filling up the dance floor and tomorrow is going to usher in some sore people from all this dancing. “Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds” is what is going on right now up there with more wonderful harmonies from a well oiled machine like band. “I’m A Jukebox” was an original song they played and honestly as the Palace was filling up I couldn’t get around for as many pictures as I would’ve liked to but it’s all good…I was hired to write and write I shall!

Many good fiddle and steel guitar solos in this act as well with their song called “Sunrise” and I didn’t catch the one they are playing right now for sure. I think it was called “You Don’t Have Very Far To Go”.  FINALLY A Buck Owens cover song “Think Of Me” which I do not believe I have ever heard a band play a cover of to be honest…this was truly another fine set tonight as they closed their set with “Golden Ring”.



Kyle Eldridge And The Rhythm Rounders are next and are the final act of this evening, but folks the music continues tomorrow as soon as I wake up from this coma tonight. I caught up with laundry and scalped my lawn so I could concentrate on four days of writing about music. I should have this article up before the first night ends THANKS to the helpful staff of the Nashville Palace for that!  I’m not using a hotel this weekend folks I’ll be traveling to my own home like I said before, I have company in town attending this festival too.

“San Antonio Rose” is what we are being treated to right now here at the Palace, you know I couldn’t count all the many powerhouse shows I saw here in my years of living here. I saw some truly epic Legends within the ranks of Country Music here on this stage, and I can add more Nashville Boogie to my list.

He’s playing “Too Hot To Handle” by Eddie Noack, did you know he and Bobby Mackey were both on Lefty Frizzell’s record label? Yep. After playing some instrumentals he played other older cover songs like “I Ain’t Broke I’m Kind Of Bent” that I have heard several people play before. This young man just loves them old Western songs too like the rest of us.

Another song I really enjoyed was “Tattooed Lady” and altogether these acts tonight all truly complimented one another unlike the rest of the weekend where the acts are more different, NOT that it’s a complaint at all. We’ll have to see how the two stages pan out in the end, and how close they are apart. Oh man he doing “Right Or Wrong”, there have been some REALLY GOOD covers tonight old time swing tunes even I have forgotten about. He followed with another Bob Wills song called “I Hear You Talking”, he asked us first if we wanted to hear it…we weren’t arguing but he said we had no choice.

He played a Merle Travis song called “Sweet Temptation” which honestly I had only heard a few times so I’m learning new things with all this music too. Merle Travis is from my neck of the woods and I appreciate his contributions to music in general. He closed his set with an instrumental song and another DJ closed out the night with music, I am returning home to proofread and do more work. I’ll return to the keyboard tomorrow with my first full day of music to come folks!




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