The Country Music Legend known as the Gentle Giant Don Williams announced his official retirement several weeks ago marking his sixty year career in recording and touring as iconic in many ways. You know folks 2016 has been rough on us Country Music fans and frankly, it’s going to get worse as several Legends I cannot list are frail and under medical care. Don Williams is one of the few we still have in good health for the most part and is currently spending his time in Ashland City Tennessee at home.

For almost more than twenty years Don has had one hit every year and has garnished over twenty one number one hits in Country Music. He has recorded over twenty five studio albums in his time mostly produced by Legendary producer Garth Fundis who did his 2014 release “Reflections”.

You know folks Don Williams is one of those Legends I use to prove my viewpoint on Country Music in the fact that there are three pillars that build it’s foundation: The Producer, the Steel Guitarist and the Songwriter all of which are evident on his material. If not for the Legendary Bob McDill who worte many of Don’s hits he might not have achieved his stature.

In 1994 he released what is in my opinion one of the grandest Live albums ever “An Evening With Don Williams” was indeed an iconic album from it’s period. Having never frequented the Opry as often as other Legends of his time he still had just as much success as other that did play it often, however his live shows were often unrivaled.

Around the beginning of March Don Williams announced to the music world he was retiring and no longer playing shows or recording further music, with no plans to return. However you choose to remember the Legends that are indeed still with us one must not forget the Gentle Giant or his contributions to Country Music.

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