I made my way back to the Palace for the second day of music, I stayed in Nashville at a friend’s house because I just don’t get to see him often enough. I guess being an adult does that to everyone doesn’t it? I think I stated in day 1 I opted to forgo the western fashion show for the car show, and the music featured at the Palace.

The entire team at the Palace went out of their way to host a truly fine show here today, complete with stage manager Miss Jenn Ross whom I got the chance to talk with more later that night. She was quite a wonderful person and she did an OUTSTANDING JOB running things for all those hours. I like to talk to people and pick their brains on things and the more we chatted I learned she contributes a LOT to the Americana community. I deemed her to be a valuable asset to this scene, she’s got GREAT knowledge of music!

I wanted to point out another TROOPER that is there EVERY YEAR to emcee this event, and that is my good friend Rockin James Riley host of the Rockabilly And Blues Radio Hour on IHeart radio..that link will take you to his podcast. I ACTUALLY LISTEN to every podcast and radio show I mention, and I weekly wait for this one here! It’s my go-to source for weekly fill of surf and rockabilly fun, and he TEACHES YOU FACTS about what they play and the whens and who’s. HE IS ANOTHER valuable asset to this scene.

Once again my first band I covered was Little Leslie And The Bloodshots whichis a three piece Rockabilly band from New York now based out of South Carolina. Their new album “Heartbeat” is available now on U.K. based Rockabilly label Western Star Records.

O.K. So I was treated to some of the songs off this offering along with some old goodies like “Straight From Hell” that’s off their “On Fire” album. Miss Leslie is basically just that..a little ol gal that barely tops the bass top but I’ll tell you WHAT..she MASTERS that straight bass. She is FURIOUS on both bass and vocals and unleashes an frenzy of aggressive energy upon the crowd.

Rockabilly is fast paced energetic music with easy to get lyrics, it’s not a stop and make you think genre like Americana or Country. Western Swing and Rockabilly are totally different lyrics, and THIS BAND GETS ME every time, with songs like “For Your Love” from the new album. Another selection from the new album was called ‘Everybody Wants Me”, the new album is a mighty fine collection of thirteen well placed songs of Rocking music.

“Nothing Without You” was one I remembered from the last time I featured them at their last Boogie from the older album, along with “Your’e A Cat”. Their last selection was from their new album was called “Tell Me”, of course they stayed a while and greeted fans selling merch with the other bands.

Back in 2000 a fellow named “Chops” McClintlock began an iconic Chicago based Rockabilly band called The Krank Daddies who describe themselves as just pure ROCK AND ROLL.  Their live show truly was a spectacle to behold, and as their bio says they are on the cusp of conquering the world.

They began with some songs ( not in this order) ‘Rev it Up” and a high octane song called “Run Lil Baby” complete with his world renowned BEER SOLO, where he drinks while playing and plays slide with the empty bottle! He truly is one of the best guitarists on the local club stage scene. I would place him with Mr. Rory Kelly or Mr. Dallas Moore ANYTIME.

“Blast Off” was their second song and blast off the band indeed did. This band takes you on a wild rocket ride, and the band makes all bad music capitulate as they unleash all things REAL upon unsuspecting new listeners. “Catch Me If You Can” was included in their set today, as well as the song called ‘The Devil’s Ride”.

One of my favorites was called “Don’t You Hesitate” ,but honestly I was still taken aback from that grueling guitar solo! “See Ya Later” and their classic song called “Johnny Cash kicks Ass”. They followed that up with a song called “He’ll Roll” and closed with their song called “True Blu Man”.

The car show was something epic and intriguing to me. I’m not really a big fan of muscle cars but I enjoyed looking and watching people share the enthusiasm and pride of things. In today’s day and age of social media fights and political hoo ha, it sure is refreshing to see strangers become friends and friends become better acquainted.  It was FUN watching children PLAY and get the chance to run around like CHILDREN, and although the weather was spotty all day they had a wonderful day to enjoy the vendors.

The Rocketz were established in 2004 in Los Angeles California.Now when they were playing I went and got some food, and even though I did get to take some pictures I  heard them play “Slow Down”. I was outside enjoying the car show and all the other parties that were simultaneously transpiring.

In my opinion The Psycho Devilles are also Rockabilly Legends here, I mean hell if Mr. Hot Rod Walt doesn’t have an armload of albums to pull material from? Despite the fact the Devilles have only been around since 2002, Hot Rod Walt has been ripping up stages since the 80’s.

They were formed on the streets of Atlanta Georgia in 2002, and are credited for 9 albums. One of the beginning songs he said was over 25 years old, and called “This Old Road”. They played a new song called “Sex And Fire And Gasoline”, which was an energetic anthem to the greaser lifestyle.

Some of my favorite songs he plays adorned the middle of his set this weekend here at the Boogie, like the song “Addicted”, honestly most every man can relate to a song about being addicted to his girl’s lovin. That’s a BIG part of Rockabilly and the Rockabilly culture that I relate to myself the most.

“My Guitar Saved Me” was one off the free CD he was handing out last year sponsored by Miller High Life, this year he handed out calendars. Good O’l Mr. Walt is always doing “Victory curls”, and as he covered a great version of the Elvis classic “Blue Suede Shoes”, I began to make my way over to the Opryland hotel again to see ANOTHER Legend…Mr. Levi Dexter!  HEY THERE’S THOSE SAME TWO DANCERS AGAIN.

Mr. Levi Dexter And The Gretsch Brothers absolutely KILLED IT up in the Presidential Ballroom tonight with a backup band from Japan. Absolutely TOP NOTCH Rockabilly music. Mr. Levi is a 2012 Rockabilly Hall Of Fame inductee with songs like “Get So Excited” and “Oklahoma Boogie” to his credit.

His stage presence is amazing and he commands the center of the stage with poise and he embellished the  weekend for me with songs like “Roots Man” and another called “16 Chicks”. His set was filled with many instrumentals and solos from his wonderful band tonight, and included the hit song ‘Seven Nights To Rock”. If you’ll remember BR5-49 covering that song as well off their first album.

“Boppin Bernie” was next followed by “Restless” and “Shaking All Over”. As he approached the close of his magnificent set he played “Lonesome Train” which displayed some truly amazing vocal abilities, he created a truly fine set climax with “Smokin” and “Meet You On The Other Side”.

I used the shuttle once again to return back to the Palace to finish out my second night here, much to my dismay on Sunday I ended up in the emergency room with an infection. I was extremely sick and I didn’t get to catch the Sunday night festivities.

Lara Hope And The Ark Tones I FINALLY got to cover this band from New York, EVERY TIME I was presented with an opportunity to cover their set something happened or I was tied up elsewhere. They released their second album last August called “love You To Life”.

They opened with the song called “Fast Cheap Or Well Done” which was the very first song from that album I just spoke of. They followed that up with a song called “Knocked Out” and displayed a very enjoyable band tonight as they played songs like “Stop Drop And Roll” and “Love You To Life”.

“He’s Not The Devil” was one of the songs I recognized off her first album “Luck Maker” as well as the last song they did called “Whiskey Pick” BUT FIRST they did some more songs off the new album like “Dr. Bartender” and others. This band is truly a treat to have on your festival lineup, and I truly enjoy their music. I hope to get the chance to feature them on future jobs!

The Farmer And Adele was a duo I had the chance to meet at Dee’s not long ago during the Magnolia Roads show there, I finally get the chance to cover their set as well. Miss Grace Adele and Mr. Kennan Wade brought their Western Swing beauty to the Boogie stage this weekend.

They have a truly refreshing and simple western style to their set complete with comedy, yodeling and fiddles. This band IS THE COMPLETE real deal for the Country Music purist and the people who crave dancing. EVERY member of this band compliments one another quite well, with songs like “When Bloom Is On The Sage” or the great fiddle tune “Cow Cow Boogie”.

Complete with an intro and all the other bells and whistles this band was very unique and stood out from the rest with originality. Perhaps one of the highlights of their set was the “Mockingbird Yodel” where many of the band members traded off yodeling.  “Twilight On The Trail” was another great song here tonight, as they displayed their love for traditional type music.

“He’s A Cowboy” and the song called “Cowhand Lullaby” were more heaping helpings of their list tonight that can whet your appetite for more swing dancing and sagebrush humor here tonight. What a wonderful approach to a close of an evening here at the Boogie. As they played songs like “Into the Wide Open Sky” and their last song called “Sundown Song” they left all of us wanting another set of their music.

The very last band I covered for this festival was a young lady I have featured MANY TIMES on this website. She IS on the horizon and is destined for greatness folks, with her husband behind that Telecaster lead guitar duties Miss Tommy Ash is the real deal folks with my favorite song she does called “Sugar In A Bottle”.

She is one of my favorite personal friends to see on the road, always quick with a smile and a friendly hug for these old bones. Her husband is just a quick with a handshake as he is with a twang filled solo that will blow your socks off! Just damn fine flat out good people!

She opened with “Motel Time” before going into Sugar In A bottle, and going into “Trip To The Moon”. She is growing as an artist and becoming more confident as an artist onstage. Her band is a well oiled machine no matter whom she employs, she leads them with much confidence. “Keeping To The House” was another good song but another high point  to her set was “Honky Tonk King”.

Her set was filled with so many great songs here I was beside myself with amazement from how well some of them were presented. So much wonderful steel guitar and twang to represent her motto HANG OUT WITH YOUR TWANG OUT. With songs like “Play With Fire” and “lost It all”, she delivers a powerful whiskey soaked punch to your palate.

“Log On The Fire” and the song called “ain’t Cha Mama” were next followed by another high point on her set called “Woman With The Working Man’s Blues”. This little gal from Arizona truly fulfills the ever popular question of “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”? As she closed with a few covers she played a song called “Sinner’s blood”.

Besides having a nasty battle with a flat tire after Miss Tommy’s set I had a pretty fun Nashville Boogie until Sunday when I ended up getting pretty darn sick. But as I write this currently I am MUCH better and getting ready to do my next music job in Wisconsin.

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