Here lately I have been keeping an enduring eye on the Red Dirt community, all their wonderful festivals and happenings. There is indeed a plethora of bands to enjoy around Texas and Oklahoma respectively, both having their own unique identity. I enjoy studying the different styles of Country Music from different regions of America, and Red Dirt is one them that has so many derivative flavors.

Bearing all that in mind, I wanted to stop a moment and tell you about a new live album from the Read Southall Band from Oklahoma. This piece is from the Red 11 website:  Formed In Stillwater Oklahoma, The Read Southall Band is comprised of 4 native Oklahoman’s. Read Southall (lead vocals and rhythm guitar) Reid Barber (drums) Jeremee Knipp (Bass) JT Perry (Lead Guitar and harmonies). With all members having different influences in music, they have come together to create a unique red dirt/southern rock sound. With overdriven guitars and heavy drums the Read Southall Band aims to deliver a rock and roll experience at every show.

Not only does this live album span songs from their album “Six String Sorrow” it also includes songs from their 2017 album “Borrowed Time”. This album was recorded at the Tower Theater in Oklahoma City, and will have a few cover songs as well as originals.

Track Listing:

  1.  Wilder than the Rest
  2. Animals
  3. Serenade
  4. Clean Slate
  5. Don’t Tell Me
  6. Aero-plane
  7. Moon and Back
  8. Light on my Hand
  9. Why
  10. Empty Hole
  11. Keystone Clan
  12. Runnin’
  13. Beautiful Eyes
  14. Breakdown
  15. Gunshy
  16. Damn


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