With the insane deluge of shows pouring in, and the amount of venues that are in dire need of support from not just me, but every music fan, I proudly announce that my Ohio friends over at The Red Barn Convention Center has gone back into full throttle. Now, many of the shows that were scheduled for 2020, are rescheduled for 2021 to the best of their ability.

We need to remember that many of these national touring acts have so many shows to make up from being postponed, that many people already hold tickets for. Many of them did not want to forfeit their tickets, however they hung onto them in hopes of instances like this.

However, like many other large venues, they are having to cancel a mega ton of shows and are keeping a good sized amount of them as well. As I delve into a nationwide plethora of outdoor amphitheaters and convention centers, I find that many of these national acts can only keep so many shows.

To be honest, having been around the music business as I have for a few years, A LOT of these decisions are made by management, and booking agencies. The actual artist does not really have as much control over their schedule than you think. Many of them that have smaller circles of control, and make the calls….but a LARGE portion of them that are on the echelon of this venue….do not.

One needs to keep in mind how many hands are in the cookie jar behind the scenes at a show. SO MANY are in the background laboring tirelessly to bring you the best entertainment they can. It truly takes a lot of effort to just ‘play music”.  Please take that under consideration when you become irate at artists or the venue itself.

The History

As visitor to the Red Barn Convention Center enter the facility, gasps of aw and astonishment can be heard and, it is difficult to envision that just a few years before the Cantrell Family purchased the now known RBCC that the very building was once known as the unfinished abandoned mega-church alongside the Appalachian Highway flapping with strips of weather torn house-wrap and waist-high weeds. The dream was to create a family-oriented place people of all ages and backgrounds can unite to enjoy concerts, festivals, camping, and so much more in a relaxing environment.

The Red Barn Convention Center has been designed for both patron comforts and stage performance technology, in additionally, it is the region’s largest and most versatile event room. The Auditorium offers plush seating for 1,000. The fully-equipped stage features state-of-the-art lighting and sound. Features of the RBCC include a house sound system, spacious backstage area and professional technical and events staff to make any type of performance or production possible. The main foyer, where patrons can gather during intermission can accommodate more than 300 and enjoy a full-service cafe and shop merchandise and memorabilia of RBCC entertainers and performances. Entertainers enjoy full-service hospitality perfectly situated backstage and convenient access to and from their buses and trailers. In addition, the RBCC affords hospitality events staff to ensure the comforts of entertainers and their crews during their time at the RBCC.

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