Just this morning I got a call from my Paducah Kentucky area contact that local underground icon Lickem Brown was released from custody at McCracken County Detention Facility this morning and is completely cleared and is now a free man. Lickem was sentenced to serve ten months in the facility in 2015 for narcotics charges and other personal issues.

The last encounters I had with him was a brief appearance at Outlaw Fest during Billie Gant’s set where Lickem showed up to pay respects to the Ohio local legend and support his song “Stop Fuckin Up Country Music”. Lickem did an east Nashville show at the old Dino’s dive bar where he performed a truly good set.

He was placed in distinct protective custody while serving his time and although he was not allowed to wear his trademark mask and sunglasses, his identity was kept concealed. He was allowed to have visitors and I’m told that during his stay he was keeping contact with another of his heros Billy Don Burns who Lickem described as “A Good O’l Hoss”. They met in 2013 at Muddy Roots Music Festival heck we ALL had a good time there here’s a picture of Lickem and Mr. Shooter and Mr. Buck Thrailkill.


During his ten month stay he has some time to reflect on things and organize things. I recently talked with him on the phone about everything from deer hunting to his newfound interest in other hobbies. Women of course are still his hobby and he proclaimed he is STILL the same “Lick Daddy” he was before being incarcerated BUT NOW he is clean and sober and that could be dangerous for the women….he said he has big plans for both music and the ladies.

As I spoke with him he reminded me a lot of Unknown Hinson with his distinct drawl, like he calls them Womern and he told me his new release song will be called “Hell Yeah She’s Ignurrunt”. This was postponed from early 2014 due to his legal issues.

I quickly reminded him about the Hellbound Glory song “Knocked Off The Horse” and scolded him to stay off the smack and keep himself clean. Country Music needs him really bad, it’s been going in the right direction lately but it NEEDS a savior and one has arisen. I’ll be keeping in contact with him on as regular of a basis as I can and trust me I’ll keep you informed of his new songs.


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