New WSA Live Concert DVD

“For over a decade, this cast of musical peers and friends have shared a common love of playing Western Swing music together. In early 2021 the band decided it was time to head to a soundstage to create their first ever live concert DVD, featuring classic Western Swing tunes, along with their own “new vintage” originals. Since the early days of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Western Swing has been a genre that is built on live performance, improvisation, musicianship and entertainment. There is no better way to experience The Western Swing Authority than seeing them live. Their live show has been described as “all killer, no filler” and this collection is no exception. The concert film also includes interview vignettes with all of the band members as they recount great stories from the bands history, and the stories behind some of the songs.

Any fan of WSA and Country music in general will love this high definition concert film that covers the best of The Western Swing Authoritiy’s music over the last 12 years.”

We are so excited for you to see and hear this. Pre orders are available now so you can be the first to get your copy.

For many years I have enjoyed Western Swing music from many of the different bands of Texas, Oklahoma and even here in Nashville. The wonderful fiddle music and even the twin fiddles with those iconic double stops have been at the hub of my heart for over 35 years now.

I think studying all of the shows like Austin City Limits and the Opry all these years made me salivate for more of this amazing genre of music, and the band called The Western Swing Authority, which I learned about in 2012.

They have four albums out as of now, and this Live DVD starts out with a song called “Sweet Harriet” about a preacher’s daughter who gets a little promiscuous in all the juke joints during the week. This song appears on the “Now Playing” album with the songs “One Of Us Is Lying” and the song called “Miss Molly”.

Many of these songs have been recorded by so many in the past, nobody is really sure whom did them first or who wrote them. “Miss Molly” was recorded by Mr. Bob Wills and Mr. Spade Cooley and many more.

“Dance With Who Brung Ya” was recorded with Mr. Ray Benson from Asleep At The Wheel ( whom is credited for writing the song ) on the album “Big Deal”. Also from that album was the song called “Swingin From The Rafters”

“This Old Bar” is my favorite song they do, probably because it is more of a Honky Tonk Country song than it is a traditional Swing song here. The recitations made my arms get goosebumps and made my mind spin. How many Legends exist in this world, that are forgotten and overlooked, only to sit at some old bar the rest of their years? How much knowledge and how many stories are forgotten and cast aside for “progress”?

1. Sweet Harriet
2. Faded Love
3. Maiden’s Prayer
4. I Fall to Pieces
5. I’ve Got a Feelin’
6. Miss Molly
7. Dance with Who Brung Ya
8. One of Us Is Lying
9. Big Ball’s in Cowtown
10. Rocket to the Moon
11. You Don’t Know Me
12. Swingin’ from the Rafters
13. This Old Bar
14. Barnyard Boogie

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