Hey friends I do not need to continue to reiterate this fact…..live music has severely suffered if not completely been snuffed out this year. I myself have not returned to my factory job and I am relying solely on my website for income, as well as unemployment. BUT HEY I have managed to get a LOT done around the house.

So we have been keeping track of the status of 275 outdoor festivals, and the current live streams of so many bands. Since that is one of the only means of their income I wanted to make my usual festival articles for this yearly event, because I had such a wonderful time there last year.

I’m going to post pictures from last year, and some of my memories from last year’s event at the Southgate House Revival. This year’s event is going to monetarily benefit this iconic venue as well as the artists and a VERY GOOD CAUSE called The Appalachian Prison Book Project.

Last year, Mr. Tyler Childers donated his time and music to this program along with many other of his fellow artists from that region of America, where I love to visit. I also LOVE to go up to the Southgate House area for music and places like Bobby Mackey’s and Tootles…..and I’m also a BIG Bengals fan. They have a beautiful stadium up there, and some of my favorite food.

This organization sends books to imprisoned men and women in six states. This from their website:

APBP sends free books to people imprisoned in six Appalachian states (West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland), hosts book clubs inside prisons in our region, and is leading an effort to bring for-credit college courses into prison.

Many of these bands are my personal friends and I miss them immensely, many of them have new music out this year. Like my friends over at The Hammer And The Hatchet. They are frequently on many of the festivals I cover, and I run into them quite often on the road. I’m currently catching up on new albums from January into the now, and due to some medical issues I’m now getting caught up on a large pile of subjects.

All of these pictures are from last year’s lineup with many of these fine artists are returning for the online lineup for which I will make links for everyone ( as I usually do ). If you enjoy some quality music, like I do, you’ll tune in this weekend online to watch these great bands.


Bill Kirchen
John R. Miller and Chloe Edmonstone
Ma Crow
Nathan Kalish
Sean Geil ( From The Tillers )
Casey Campbell
Luna And The Mountain Jets
Ryan Malott ( From 500 Miles To Memphis ).
The Kentucky Cowhands
The Hammer And The Hatchet
Justin Wells
Ed Cunningham ( From Bluegrass Comet All-Stars ).
Abby Hamilton
Harold Kennedy
Pat Hu
Chris Acker
Maria Carrelli
Adam Lee
Todd Day Wait
Chelsea Ford And the Trouble
Robert Lowell
Joey Allcorn
Golden Shoals
Laid Back Country Picker
Joe’s Truck Stop
John Clay
Kelly Thomas ( from The Tammy Whynots ).
Billie Gant
Joe Wunderle
Steve McDaniel
Michael Moeller

Hagfest 2020

Hey friends, we’re excited to announce the starting lineup for Hagfest 2020! Since there ain’t no chance in doing this live, we’ve teamed up with Lightning Heart Productions to bring you a virtual Hagfest experience!

The show will be streamed “live” at 6pm (EST) Saturday, May 16th, from the Hagfest Facebook and YouTube pages.

We’ll be raising money this go-around for the musicians performing, the Appalachian Prison Book Project, as well as the legendary music venue, and Hagfest’s home, the Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed their time and effort to make this work, especially the video crew and the musicians. This was a big undertaking, but it’s purpose is to bring and grow communities together, and help folks find some sense of normalcy in these crazy times.

Can’t wait for yall to see what we’ve got cooking here! Let your pals know there’s gonna be a quite a show happening Saturday night!

Live-stream links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hagfest-142614963083841/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/v-Nl3kqXPAU

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