I just simply cannot say enough praise for music outlets like this one based out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Many of my own personal friends like the Urban Pioneers and Mr. Joshua Morningstar and MORE have been guests on the Blue Plate Special and some of the other wonderful shows they offer us.

On there website you will find videos and streams from local bands and artists, that are valuable to someone like me. I constantly look for avenues that lead me to new bands, and new music. Shows like Overnight Americana Mix and Rise And Shine.

You also have one of my favorite shows from my friends over at Jamming At Hippie Jack’s from middle Tennessee , and a ton of other shows on their roster. But much like other community run organizations, they need our support to continue to exist. On this article you will be able to make donations and support their programming..please read on.

I enjoy listening to them for new bands and artists as much as I can. This is one of the many avenues for Roots music I use. If you click on the On Demand box down there, you’ll discover all of their different programs they have.

In celebration of its support of local and touring musicians, WDVX has released 30 videos over the course of 30 days in April. Now the youtube playlist is available for you to sit down and watch them all-in-a row as a live performance, or enjoy a few new music discoveries at a time. Artists including EmiSunshine and The Rain, Jesse Daniel, Charley Crockett and Chuck Brodsky who performed recently on WDVX’s Blue Plate Special. WDVX captured their performance on video, and now is releasing a “highlights reel” of the last six months. This mix of artists represents a range of Americana and roots music WDVX is known for celebrating, many with deep ties to the station and the East Tennessee region.

On Demand

Thank you for being a loyal supporter of WDVX. Here are some updates on the station and our efforts during this highly unusual time. WDVX understands that we need music and a strong sense of community more than ever. That is precisely what WDVX provides. We’ve been around for over 20 years and will be around when things return to normal. In the interim, we hope to provide some solace and source of hope and inspiration in a way only music can. WDVX is following recommended protocols and doing all we can to ensure our staff is safe while sharing COVID-19 resources on-air, online, and in our newsletter. Like so many others, the virus has impacted our operations. In addition to interrupting our spring fund drive, WDVX has cancelled live shows. If you are able, we would appreciate your help, wdvx.com/donate or https://wdvx.com/sustainers/
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