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Steel Guitar Legend Weldon Myrick Dies

Steel Guitar Legend Weldon Myrick Dies


I learned this morning that Country Music Legend and Steel Guitarist Weldon Myrick
is having some serious health issues that I cannot comment on right now
but I felt the need to write a salute to honor his contributions to country music.

I was going to begin a NEW series next week featuring steel guitarists that are
sort of “off the radar” of mainstream.
I use my website to feature the local talent and the independent bands..I’m not trying
to analyze what corporate radio is doing or where is Country Music on radio?
I have KNOWLEDGE and FACTS and I want to feature people who gave their lives
to the proliferation of Country Music.

He was born on April 10th 1939 in Jayton Texas and from a very early age
he loved music.
His older brother began playing the steel guitar and was called to serve
in the military and in his absence Weldon began playing it.
His first band was Henley Diggs and The Double Mountain Boys and they had
a short radio show on Saturdays.

His first Nashville trip was in the 1950’s and he moved to Big Springs Texas
in the late 50’s.
He was brought to Nashville by legendary producer Ken Nelson along with
the Ben Hall Trio.

He started going to the Opry to see if anyone would let him play.
Now, back then the Opry had an open door policy.
And soon after Whispering Bill Anderson allowed Weldon to play.
And thusly it lead to him playing with a young girl Bill found
named Connie Smith.
Bob Ferguson was another legendary producer that loved Weldon’s playing
on “Once A Day” which Anderson wrote.
The calls started flooding in and he left the road to pursue session work
and asked Hal Rugg who was the only permanent player on the Opry if he could
also play in the house band.
Ott Devine who was the Opry manager back then happily accepted Weldon.
And Weldon Myrick played on the Opry for over 34 years.
On February of 1998 Weldon played his last Opry show and retired.

I am going to include this list of artists I have connected Weldon Myrick to.
I found some of it on his webpage and some I found on vinyls.

Acuff, Roy
Allen, Deborah
Allen, Jr., Rex
Ambrose, Steve
Anderson, Bill
Anderson, Eric
Anderson, John
Anderson, Lynn
Anderson, Sharon
Anthony, Ray
Area Code 615
Atkins, Chet
Baez, Joan
Bagwell, Wendy
& The Sunliters
Ball, Ace
Bandy, Moe
Barber, Glenn
Bare, Bobby
Barlow, Jack
Begley, Philamena
Benny Hall Trio
Berry, Wayne
Bond, Johnny
Booth, Larry
Bowling, Roger
Boxcar Willie
Brewer & Shipley
Brody, Lane
Brown, Jann
Brown, Jim Ed
Brown, T. Graham
Browne, Beth
Burns, George
Bush, Johnny
Butler, Larry
Butts, Tom
Byrd, Tracy
Cale, J.J.
Campbell, Glen
Cannon, Buddy
Cartwright, Lionel
Cash, Johnny
Cato, Connie
Charles, Ray
Chase, Carol
Clark, Dana
Clark, Michael
Clark, Roy
Clark, Royce
Cline, Patsy & Reeves, Jim
Coe, David Allen
Colter, Jessi
Conley, John
Cooledge, Rita
Cooper, Eddie
Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney
Cornelius, Helen
Cotton, Gene
Cox Family
Cramer, Floyd
Cross, Mike
Cunha, Rick
Curless, Dick
Dalton, Lacy J.
Darnell, Bozo
Davidson, Diane
Davies, Dave
Davies, Gail
Davis, Danny/N’ville Brass
Davis, Jimmy
Davis, Skeeter
Dempsey, Jimmy Little
DeWitt, Lew
Dickens, Jimmy
Dillon, Dean
Drumm, Don
Drusky, Roy
Dukes, Debbie
Duncan, Johnny
Ellis, Darryl & Don
England, Ty
Everly Bros.
Fairchild, Barbara
Fairweather Low, Andy
Fargo, Donna
Felts, Narvel
Fender, Freddy
Flores, Rosie
Florida Boys
Fogelberg, Dan
Four Guys
Fricke, Janie
Frizzell, Lefty
Fulks, Robby
Garfunkel, Andy
Gatlin Bros.
Gayle, Crystal
Geezinslaw Brothers
Gibson, Don
Gilley, Mickey
Goldsboro, Bobby
Gosden, Vern
Gracie, John
Gray, Dobie
Greenwood, Lee
Griffith, Hope
Griggs, Sir Robert C.
Haggard/Jones (Duet)
Hall, Tom T.
Hamilton IV, George
Hanlon, Jerry
Happy Goodmans
Hardin, Arlene
Hardin Trio
Hardwick, Jr., Billy
Havens, Richie
Hazelwood, Lee
Helms, Bobby
Henderson, Florence
Higher Ground
Hobbs, Becky
Holmes, Jake
Houston, David
Howard, Jan
Hud, Lorence
Huskey, Ferlin
Ian & Sylvia
Ishida, Miya
Jackson, Alan
Jackson, Wanda
James Gang
Jans, Tom
Jennings, Waylon
Jim & Jesse (McReynolds)
Jones, George
Jones, Grandpa
G. Jones/Ricky Van Shelton
G. Jones/Sweethearts of The Rodeo
Kent, Jim
Kershaw, Doug
Kershaw, Rusty
Kershaw, Sammy
King, Don
Kirkland, Ray
Kristofferson, Kris
Lane, Christy
Laws, Billy
LeDoux, Chris
Lee, Brenda
Lee, Dicky
LeGarde Twins
Lewis, Jerry Lee
Linde, Dennis
Lindsey, George
Little, Peggy
Locklin, Hank
Loggins, Dave
London, Eddie
Lost Gonzo Band
Louvin, Charlie
Loveless, Patty
Luman, Bob
Lynn, Judy
Lynn, Loretta
Lynn, Shelby
Mandrell, Erlene
Mandrell, Louise
McClinton, Delbert
McClinton, O.B.
McCoy, Charlie
McCoy, Neal
McDaniel, Mel
McDowell, Ronnie
McEntire, Reba
Measel, Eric
Mejake, Shinji
Miller, Jody
Milsap, Ronnie
Moffatt, Hugh
Montgomery, Melba
Moore, Johnny
Morgan, Lorrie
Morgan, Ron
Morris, Gary
Murrell, Diana
Nagatani, Charlie
Nagatomi, Mari
Nash, Roger
Nelson, Willie
Nesmith, Michael
Newbury, Mickey
Newton, Wayne
Newton-John, Olivia
Noakes, Rab
Oak Ridge Boys
Ogino, Nobuhiko
Orbison, Roy
Osborne Bros.
Overstreet, Tommy
Oxford, Vernon
Ozark Mt. Daredevils
Parker, Fess
Parton, Dolly
Parton, Stella
Paycheck, Johnny
Perez, Jay
Perkins, Carl
Pierce, Debbie
Pierce, Webb
Pillow, Ray
Plowman, Linda
Pointer Sisters
Presley, Elvis
Price, Kenny
Pride, Charley
Pruett, Jeannie
Rambo, Dottie
Randolf, Boots
Rapp, Tom
Rausch, Leon
Ray, Collin
Raye, Jenna
Rea, David
Reed, Jerry
Reese, John
Reeves, Jim/Patsy Cline
Reno, Jack
Rich Mountain Tower
Rich, Charlie
Riders in the Sky
Riley, Jeannie C.
Ritter, Tex
Rix, Dawn
Robbins, (Pig) Hargus
Robbins, Marty
Roberts, Louie
Roberts, Smokey
Robey,Falk & Bod- Rodeo
Rodriquez, Johnny
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Weldon
Ronstadt, Linda
Russell, Johnny
Russell, Leon
Ruzicka, Bob
Ryan, Jamie
Sargent, Bill
Schaffer, Whitey
Sea, Johnny
Seals, Dan
Sexton, Mark
Shaver, Billy Joe
Shea, George Beverly
Shelton, Ricky Van
Shepard, Jean
Sheppard, T. G.
Shine, John
Siebel, Paul
Singing Rambos
Skaggs, Ricky
Smith, Cal
Smith, Carl
Smith, Connie
Smith, Sammi
Snow, Hank
Sovine, Red
Spears, Billy Jo
Stampley, Joe
Statler Bros.
Steagall, Red
Stevens, Cat
Stevens, Ray
Stewart, Gary
Stewart, Wynn
Stonestreet, Danny
Strait, George
Street, Mel
Surels, Curley
Tabuchi, Shoji
Taylor, Carla
Taylor, Kate
Thomas, B. J.
Thompson, Hank
Thrasher Bros.
Tillis, Mel
Tillis, Pam
Tippin, Aaron
Todd, Eric
Tornquist, Evie
Tucker, Tanya
Twist, Ronnie Lee
Tyner, Harrison
Vernon, Kenny
Vincent, Rhonda
Vinton, Bobby
Waddell, Roy
Wagoner, Porter
Walker, Billy
Walker, Charlie
Walker, Jerry Jeff
Wallace, Jerry
Wariner, Steve
Watson, Gene
Weakley, Harold
Weller, Freddy
Wells, Kitty
West, Dottie
Wheeler, Onie
Whitaker, Dan
White, Joy Lynn
Whites, The
Whitley, Keith
Whitman, Slim
Wilburn Bros.
Williams, Audrey
Williams, Jr., Hank
Williams, Leona
Williams, Mentor
Wright, Chely
Wynette, Tammy
Yasuda, Mac
Yearwood, Trisha
Yokum, Dwight
Young, Faron
Young, Steve
Younger, James & Michael

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Pee Wee Moore And The Awful Dreadful Snakes.

Pee Wee Moore And The Awful Dreadful Snakes.



Folks I’m down here at The Slider House in Nashville again.This time I am about
to witness Pee Wee Moore And The Awful Dreadful Snakes.
He is a member of the Last Honky Tonk Music Series and is currently supporting his latest album
“Making Sure The Story’s Being Told”.

We are just waiting for sound check and I’m setting up shop in the corner
again. I did not order food after my previous mishap.
THE MUSIC is what is mainly first and foremost in my mind as I press on.
I can’t leave it closed without saying I like the garage door type smoking patio
where smokers can still enjoy the music..


They opened the show with “Six Days On The Road” by Dave Dudley. His leads
are already ripping the roof off this place.
This band doesn’t fool around they mean business! They are twisting and
Honky Tonkin Nashville a new asshole!

They are doing truck driving songs and ‘Lay You down” by Conway Twitty.
This BY FAR is ONE HELL of a show down here! WHO the hell wouldn’t want
to drink beer and listen to Pee Wee rip leads on Waylon songs?
And his slow songs are really good as he plays “If I Could Touch Her At All”
I believe Lee Clayton wrote it.

HE IS DEFINATLY “Making Sure The Stories Being Told” right now
as these guys aren’t falling off stages or singing about a Donkey
and broke into “A Boy Named Sue” and “Pancho And Lefty”.
His original song “Running Moonshine” is a real toe tapping song
you can dance to.

He just broke out into a huge Merle Haggard set and is now
playing Ramblin Fever. Folks I want to say this..Peewee plays
over 300 shows a year, he literally LIVES on the road.
And he is playing “Aint Got Nothing” from his first album
“The Leaving Side Of Gone”.

His second set began with “My Favorite Memory” which he sang
with his wife.
And “Ive Always Been Crazy” is a popular song down here and once
again his lead guitar is going strong on songs like Johnny Paycheck’s
“I’m The Only Hell My Momma Ever Raised” and many many more.

He is playing “Leaving Side Of Gone” off the album of that
same name as he closed his set, but he will return tomorrow
with a different set list.
His job is done and so is mine..time to drive back to Kentucky.

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2014 Music Festivals: Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival.

2014 Music Festivals: Outer Banks Bluegrass Island Festival.

Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Goose On The Lake
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hub City Music Festival
Red Wing Roots Music Festival
Kilgore Station Bluegrass Festival
Outlaw Fest
Basin Bluegrass Festival
Lost Sierra Hoedown


The Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival takes my series to
Roanoke Island in North Carolina.
It is JAM PACKED with TONS of really great bluegrass artists and bands.

This year is the third annual season of the event, and I want to tell you a little
more about the festival lineup and the tickets and camping.
It will take place September 25-28 RIGHT ON the waterfront.

Thursday Sept 25th
1:00 Banjo Island
2:30 Corey Hensley Band
4:00 Chris Jones and the Night Drivers
5:30 Trinity River Band
7:00 Bluegrass Brothers
8:30 Steve Dilling And Sideline
10:00 Lonesome River Band

Friday Sept 26th
11:00 The Wayfarers
12:00 Code Blue
1:30 Joe Mullins and Radio Ramblers
3:00 Sierra Hull
4:30 Balsam Range
6:00 Blue Highway
7:30 Steep Canyon Rangers
9:00 Rhonda Vincent And The Rage

Saturday Sept 27th
11:00 Carolina Road
12:00 Moore Brothers
1:30 IIIrd Tyme Out
3:00 Boxcars
4:30 Adkins and Loudermilk
6:00 Michael Clevland And Flamekeeper
7:30 The Roys
9:00 Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder

Sunday Sept 28th
11:00 The Gentleman Of Bluegrass
12;00 The Church Sisters
1:30 the Bankesters
3:00 Larry Stevenson Band
4:30 The Grass Cats
6:00 Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver
7:30 Nu Blu
9:00 Dailey And Vincent

There is camping close to the festival grounds and for more information click HERE.
There is also hotels and beach house rental for information on that click HERE.

If you plan to be around this area in September I highly suggest you go attend this festival.
For ticket prices and information on that click HERE.

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2014 Music Festivals: Lost Sierra Hoedown

2014 Music Festivals: Lost Sierra Hoedown


Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Goose On The Lake
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hub City Music Festival
Red Wing Roots Music Festival
Kilgore Station Bluegrass Festival
Outlaw Fest
Basin Bluegrass Festival

Ok folks this new event take us out west to California! It takes place September 18th-21st
in Plumas Eureka State Park in Johnsville California.
This event is being hosted to benefit the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl.
Which they are attempting to re-open.
This is a hoedown NOT a music festival..and it’s clearly stressed in their mission:

Simple Livin’ – Park the car, disconnect from technology, stop producing trash.

• Community – Meet your neighbors, dosey doe, make new friends.

• Outdoor Recreation – Ride a bike, swim in Eureka Lake, Hike to Eureka Peak.

• Music – An unforgettable lineup that sounds just right on a historic ski bowl.

• Goal – Support a non-profit, community driven ski hill.

All proceeds of the event will benefit the Ski Johnsville Fund, which is managed by The Plumas Community Foundation (501(c)3 EIN: 94-3315367)

Although I have indeed done alot of research on this festival, I found some of the
lineup but no actual schedule of time slots.
Here’s the artists I have reported to appear:
Konrad Wert (AKA) Possessed By Paul James
Sneaky Creatures
Willie Watson (AKA) With O.C.M.S.
Good Luck Thrift Store Outlet
Lonesome Locomotive
Willy Tea Taylor
Bobcat Armenti
Wake Of The Dead
Lost Sierra Ramblers

You can get you tickets HERE
Not a bad deal for that lineup at all!
This includes on site camping first come first claim type deal.
And THERE IS lodging closeby for a map of the area and more information on
hotels click HERE.

Now I would like to share some of the history of this event I found it really interesting.
The Plumas Ski Club began operation of the Plumas-Eureka Ski Bowl at it’s present site during
the season of 1957-58. However, the history of skiing in the Plumas County area of the northern
Sierra dates back to 1860. Very few people realize that this distinguishes the mountains between
Johnsville and LaPorte as the oldest recorded sport skiing in the western hemisphere.During the
later portion of the 19th century, historic towns in Plumas and Sierra counties including LaPorte,
Howland, Flat, Port Wine and Johnsville served as popular winter playgrounds for skiers. Only the
Johnsville area continues to serve both locals and visitors as a site for the increasingly popular
Nordic and telemark style skiing as well as alpine and downhill skiing.By 1863, Gold Mountain, now
known as Eureka Peak, above the then thriving mining town of Johnsville had a down-the-hill ski run
of 2600 feet. An early day “longboard” ski racer was reported to have reached a speed of 90 mph.
According to oral history, the mining ore buckets going up Gold Mountain were used by skiers as
possibly the first ski-lift in the world.In 1937, two young Quincy men designed the first real ski
lift in Plumas County. Unfortunately, they built the lift on the lower slopes of Mt Washington in an
avalanche path. The lift was eventually relocated to the steep slopes behind the Plumas-Eureka StampMill.
At one time the present Plumas-Eureka State Park museum served as a ski lodge.
In 1950 the Plumas Ski Club was organized as a non-profit organization by skiers from Blairsden, Portola and Quincy. The Ski Club was involved in promoting both downhill and cross country skiing and ran a rope tow near the museum until 1954. In 1955 the Ski Club moved the rope tow to the present site in Eureka Bowl which had historically been used for skiing in the 19th century.Over the years, members of the Ski Club have
contributed money and labor to develop the Plumas-Eureka Ski Bowl. As years passed, a warming hut was
built and the lifts were expanded to include the present day poma lifts.In 1959, Plumas-Eureka Ski Bowl
became part of the state park.

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Music City Bar And Grill Benefit For Ms.Sandra Kovrig.

Music City Bar And Grill Benefit For Ms.Sandra Kovrig.


Well folks here once again I am promoting another benefit this time
Blake Kovrig owner of Music City Bar And Grill is hosting a benefit show
and silent auction for his mother Sandra Korvig.

I recently went to this venue to see Guy Nix play a few sets and didn’t
have a pleasant time with the service BUT Mr. Blake made every attempt
to correct it and I haven’t been able to revisit.
Through our past correspondence I learned of the benefit show and I
wanted to support him because he is a really good owner.

The Skahls will be performing all evening however there will be
several guests appearing that are not scheduled or advertised you will
have to go see for yourselves.
An optional door fee will be in place and several ways to donate to his mother.

Folks PLEASE come out and help this man provide his mother with comfortable
conditions in her time of need.
There is NO SHAME in asking for help for medical conditions in today’s
day and age of no care even with health insurance!

Here’s the details from the event on Social Media:

I have done several benefits in the past, and have given my heart & soul into
each and everyone of them. I did not ever think I would be doing one for the very
person who brought me into this World and has been the Heart & Soul of everything
that I know on this Earth.

My Mother, was diagnosed with stage 4 Lung Cancer back in November of 2013.
They have deemed her cancer untreatable, and she has been on medications ever
since to deal with the pain. Sadly, she has taken a turn for the worse and can
no longer be cared for by Family. She has been admitted to a 24/7 home to get
the treatment and care that she needs. This home is quite expensive, but is our
Family’s only option.

So in this time of need I turn to all of you my friends to help us over come this difficult financial situation.

I feel embarrassed that I myself cannot attend to this financial need.
My goal is to raise enough money to help my Mother to stay in a home cared for,
and inevitably help to pay for a proper burial service.

She has been the Rock of my entire life, and I cannot bare to have her final
few months not go well. I have battled this emotionally for quite some time and
see no other option, then to ask humbly for your help in this matter. Many of you
have met her, on her trips here to Nashville, and you know what a spirited, wonderful,
amazing Women she is, and my close relationship with her.

I really don’t know what to write here but can tell you that this comes from my heart as a Son.

I just ask that you come out and support a Wonderful, Spirited Woman who has been the inspiration to all that I am.

We will be auctioning of many signed items from several major Country Music Stars, along with all of my personal collection of memorabilia, & items that I have collected over the years.


There will be several guest appearances to be named later, sitting in with The Skahl’s who will be playing that night. There will be an Optional donation cover charge at the door.

If you cannot attend the benefit, and I know many of my Friends are from out of town, you can send any donations to

The Music City Bar and Grill 2416 Music Valley drive #161, Nashville TN 37214. if you are mailing a check make it out to Sandra Kovrig. I can also accept Credit card Donations. If you want to donate that way please message me here privately or call me if you have my cell number.

I guess I am at a loss, but know that many of you have a kind heart, this is what I believe in.

I just want to ensure that my Mother is well taken care of in her final days.

I wish I did not have to ask for help but I do.

If anyone has anything to offer, please message me and let me know.

God Bless you all, and I thank you in advance for your help and your support.

Thanks Blake.

There will also be a golf outing for this benefit and a silent auction with
a Willie Nelson signed guitar.

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